Blue Jays Silence On Darvish Due To Embarassment?


Let’s do a little bit of a review shall we?

NY Post tells us that the the Jays are going to win the Yu Darvish sweepstakes.

Hysteria breaks out, a light is shined on Jays nation, which appears to be much larger than 2 or 3 times the average size of a crowd at the dome.

Reality sets in and the Texas Rangers are victorious.

The Blue Jays remain in their cone of silence, refusing to admit that they even submitted a bid.

The Toronto Star’s respected baseball writer states that he’s told the Jays bid was above $50m; which if true is a very respectful bid and one that the Jays should be proud of and Blue Jays fans extremely excited by.

The National Posts Bruce Arthur doesn’t necessary contradict Griffin, but rather suggests surprise.

Then, Buster Olney took to twitter today (@Buster_ESPN):

“Educated guess: The bidding on Yu Darvish was not close. Nobody, including Toronto, was within country miles of the Rangers’ $51.7m bid.”
“I suspect Jays have watched frenzy over their allegedly rabid interest in Darvish with astonishment. They were in, but not close, I believe”

Jeff Blair said on the radio today that he thought the Jays bid was closer to the $40m mark, again, nothing to be embarrassed about, and again a positive development for Jays fans.

Then however, my inboxes began to fill up with notes from respected MSMers telling me that the Blair number was excessively high, let alone the Griffin number and that the Jays number was no where near either number.

So, perhaps the reason the Jays are being so quiet is that the truth would actually hurt the public perception. If the number is as low as some are saying, they certainly wouldn’t want the fans to know that they barely dipped their toe into the pool would they? Is it possible that the reason they are being so quiet isn’t as Alex suggested, to tip other teams as to what money they have to play with, but rather it’s because they know if the truth were to emerge they would be ripped to no end.

The funny thing about stories like these is that eventually the truth comes out. It always does. The Jays won’t admit it, but enough well placed sources will and that will be that.

John Lott has an interesting read on a veteran reporter who happened to have the light shined on him when he blogged that the Jays were going to be the winning bidder as well. How did that turn out?:

““I screwed up. My Blue Jays sources screwed up,” he wrote on his blog,”


Give credit for admitting a mistake. Take a big man to do that.

Thanks to Dowbiggin for finding this quote from 8 mile Brady:

““There’s NOTHING the Blue Jays could do in 2012 to finish in the Top 6 among records. That’s not me being pessimistic, that’s being realistic. They’ll have a worse record than the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Angels, Rangers, and probably the Rays and possibly one other team.”

Well, he works for Rogers, no one will accuse ol 8 mile of being a homer now will they. Why bother even playing the season????

I love the topic that Damien Cox starts his column with tonight:

“First things first. Give the kid No. 13.

That’s the number Nazem Kadri wears proudly and successfully with the AHL Marlies, and rather than again give him No. 43, like a reserve linebacker on this his fifth promotion to the Maple Leafs, give him Mats Sundin’s old number and make him feel as though the club really wants him to be a star.

Disrespect to Sundin? Not even close. That number will never be retired, just honoured. If it was okay for Mark Osborne to wear Borje Salming’s No. 21 and if it’s okay for Colby Armstrong to wear Teeder Kennedy’s No. 9 and if it’s okay for Cody Franson to wear the No. 4 that once adorned the backs of both Red Kelly and Hap Day when they were Leafs, then giving Kadri No. 13 is no insult to Sundin 3 ½ years after he left town.”

I think he is bang on. If the numbers don’t get retired, but rather honored, why not give him the number he wears in the minors?

I can’t wait to read some of the responses to that!

Happy Thursday!


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