Maple Leaf Playoff Round Over Raptors Championship?


So I’m driving home from the airport, Jeff Blair is on the radio, until Bob McGill joins him, easiest flip in the game, and I hear James Cybulski say that he asked on twitter what would mean more to people, one round of Toronto Maple Leafs playoffs or an NBA championship for the Toronto Raptors. He said he was surprised by the nearly 60% replies who said that 1 round of maple leafs playoffs.

He then took calls on the subject and again the results were the same.

Sorry, maybe I’m alone on this but I’m calling bs here. I think those who said leafs, would be the first ones out honking their horns on Yonge street.

I know toronto isn’t a sports town, it’s a leafs town. Come on though, an nba championship vs 1 round??? It’s a no brainer.

I love the leafs. I think the first and last leaf games should be holidays. There is nothing worse than playoffs sans leafs. 1 round vs. league championship? I’m not buying it.

I was in Miami for the panther success year, that was a hockey town went they went deep the year of the rat. A championship, in a major league trumps 1 round only in another.

I’m hoping this is more indicative of the intelligence of those who called in.

Am I alone?


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