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by RobG

Game 2 of 66 tonight for the Raps, and of course their home opener. While there’s no doubt we are in the early stages of another Raptors rebuild, I think they have the right coach to steer this team back to the playoffs in Dwayne Casey. What do you think?

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN tonight, Prime Time Sports with guest host Mike Wilner from 4-7pm. Stephen Brunt co-hosts from 5-7pm:

4-5pm Phones
5:00 Jack Armstrong, Raptors colour analyst
5:20 Sal Fasano, manager of Jays AA team, New Hampshire Fisher Cats
6:00 Joe Sheehan, baseball writer
6:20 & 6:40 Doug McLean, Sportsnet

On TSN Radio 1050, Cybulski & Co., with James Cybulski from 4-7pm:

4:45pm – Jack Armstrong, LIVE @ACC for Raps home opener
5:15pm – Farhan Lalji, World Jrs
5:30 – Keyshawn Johnson, ESPN
5:45 – Darren Dreger
6:00 – Steve Simmons
6:15 – Jarrett Bousquet, Agent for Shea Weber
6:30 – Lester Munson, ESPN Legal Analyst

Tonight on Sportsline:

Has Randy Cunneyworth escaped the wrath of Habs fans, is there something wrong with James Reimer, Patrick Chan wins the CP Athlete of the Year and is Ilya Bryzgalov a waste of money? Join Mark Hebscher & Bubba O’Neil, tonight at 7 on CHCH


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    Did basketball fans just smash their radios listening to the baseball guy say there’s no buzz for the Raptors and then take an hour on calls about baseball on Raptors home opener day. The Raps are pretty low on my totem pole of sports importance but even I know that ain’t right.

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    Mike S 9 years ago

    There is an interesting sports radio story going on in Vancouver (I am here for the holidays):

    David Pratt was the longtime co-host of the afternoon show on 1040 with Don Taylor…………..they have always got very good ratings

    Pratt’s contract expired in August and they offered him a raise………….but he demanded a big raise and they called his bluff and let him go

    Taylor’s co-host on 1040 is now a guy named Barry MacDonald and apparently the numbers for that show in the recent ratings book were actually higher than they were when Pratt was there……………if that keeps up I guess the management of 1040 will get the last laugh

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    Another Steve 9 years ago

    Well, I, for one, was trying to find a way to still listen to Wilner and Brunt after they cut away to the basketball game.

    I’m quite irritated because the live-stream on-line is the basketball game. I always thought that they weren’t allowed to do that (or perhaps that’s just for baseball).

    I don’t have a problem with the baseball talk really, since there are two stations in the area and we’ve heard an awful lot about the basketball team over the past few weeks. Is there anything more that needs to be said about the team? In my opinion, no, and, although I generally dislike call-in segments, I don’t mind hearing something that isn’t about hockey or basketball these days.

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    All the raptors talk today seemed to be the latest instance of 590 shoving one of their properties down the listeners throats.

    The final hour of pts was on sirius down here across the border. After sheehan was on, maclean came on and killed ” that baseball guy” for putting him to sleep in the car. Guess he should have talked about his summer home on pei to keep people entertained.

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    itchy butt 9 years ago

    I was pissed about the final hour as well but it’s here

    Although now that I know Richie Rich was on I might pass.

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    Anyone else hear 2 Former Fan 590 Hosts on local radio lately? Former Fan 590 Morning Host Don Landry is filling in for Jim Richards over on NewsTalk 1010 all this week. As well Bryan Hayes’ dad and brother of Q107 Host John Derringer, BILL HAYES is filling in for John Downs and Ryan Doyle. Weird?!!! anyone else notice Nabil Karim left CBC Sports to join TSN????

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    So who is left hosting the idesk?

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    Nabil Karim left CBC Sports to join TSN????

    Who? and who cares?

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    Alex – Rogers now owns all of the major sports properties in Toronto. I’m not sure the ‘shoving their properties down our throats’ stuff really makes sense any more. Everything they’re going to be talking about is one of their properties.

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    William 9 years ago

    All the raptors talk today seemed to be the latest instance of 590 shoving one of their properties down the listeners throats.

    There are three major league teams in this city. One of them started playing this week. How does talking about the Raptors on their opening week qualify as “shoving” it down our throats?

    When they talk about the Jays in April, will you be saying that same thing?

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    Roger 9 years ago

    Bora – My sentiments exactly.

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    I kind of agree with William, I personally haven’t found the basektball talk was too over the top yesterday, it’s just because it’s opening day just a bit surprised that PTS was so baseball heavy.

    Mike, it seemed like everybody was off this week. Lots of fill-ins everywhere. 640 is not even trying, they are having repeats the entire week, never heard anything else like this before, just going with repeat shows for an entire week! That is beyond brutal but there is some irony to that also.

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    640 is right up there with NewsTalk 1010 for being one of the crappiest stations on the dial AM or FM….. be better for sports fans next year when I’m assuming Leaf radio games will be split on Sportsnet 590 The Fan and TSN 1050 Radio…..

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    Blair’s horrible sense of humour seems to be reaching new lows this week. :\

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    I love how there’s this awkward love triangle between Blair, Wilner and Brunt xD

    It’s like Wilner is Blair’s ex and he’s dating the girl Blair wants to date, and Blair is trying not to be jealous xD

    (I know it’s not real but I think the act is adorable xD )

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    Not yesterday, not tomorrow, TODAY!!
    For the Leafs to make the playoffs, this is what they need!
    Reimer and the Monster aren’t the guys!
    3-1 lead. C’mon, you have got to stop the soft ones!!
    Go get Marty Turco!
    The experiment with Reimer and the Monster has run its course!

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    itchy butt 9 years ago

    If Bunny Laroque was still alive he could be the backup.
    What they need is a high scoring defenceman! I say bring back Ian Turnbull!

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    We should just replace the entire team with cyborgs.

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    Mike, I don’t find CFRB too awful, they at least have current people filling in this week and have diversity of opinions, 640 for me is the worst in the city by far. The best show is Andy Frost Leaf talk which says a lot as most of the callers are amazingly absurd.

    Shannon and Perkins on again (with Blair & Wilner) in the round table. It’s like the worst Bingo game ever. B-Shanoon, I-Kurke, free space, G-Perkins, O-Deacon. Everybody screams BINGO because those are the only squares on the card.

    I know on the Festivus thread I mentioned the likes of Brady, Tim and Sid being on (thanks for the props Steve, and you might be right it might be something that McCown doesn’t want somebody with more personality being on the air with him)

    Ami talked about it would be difficult for Brady to be on because he does mornings, that’s true but remember roundtable is normally on Friday, so no morning show the next day and at most Brady would be on every other month at the most if you have a rotation of Brady, Tim, Sid, Lang (they can’t be always HRs lol) Blair (when not hosting), even a Martine or Evanka from SN (I was always impressed when hearing them talk) throw in a Grange (what happened to him) That’s a pretty stronge rotation. For the last chair you can have your FOB’s Bingo, Friedmans, Merek, Wilner (okay maybe Wilner won’t be able to get back in) mixing and matching these will certainly make the roundtable fresher.

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    You gotta figure the holiday Friday roundtable was going to be subpar. Of course, it could have been worse, since you know who wasn’t there.

    How weird was it for Brunt to work one day this week? I wonder if it was because he had to come in to do TV and he stayed around for radio.

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    Brunt showed up because he and Wilner are a OTP xD At least according to Blair XD

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    for those that dunno the term, OTP = One True Pairing

    It’s used by fans of tv shows and other fiction to describe the characters they think belong with each other (even if in canon they don’t).

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    From the department of poorly written headline captions, from the front page of the ESPN site, under a title of NHL Winter Classic and a pic of a Zamboni:

    “The NHL has steadily perfected the art of bringing pro hockey to outdoor stadiums.”

    Hmmm, might want to ask Crosby about that one.

    What odds would you take on a major injury occurring this game if the ice is wet / its raining? I might do 20 to 1 to 40 to 1…

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    The last thing we need here is fan 590 shipping.


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    10th spot…go get a proven GOALIE!!!!

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    itchy butt 9 years ago

    Leafs outshot 35-24 (4 shots in 2nd) and you think the goalie is the problem?

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    mike (in boston) 9 years ago

    Rick Westhead delivers another winner. I guess real newspaper journalism isn’t dead yet.

    “The league often publicizes its attendance, and has suggested the number of fans to attend NHL games has been record-setting in recent seasons. Trouble is, the NHL’s attendance figures are based merely on tickets distributed, not overall revenue from ticket sales.”–for-nhl-the-cash-is-in-canada?bn=1

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    Sam in scarb 9 years ago

    ?? does BOB still host PTS ??
    Or is it a award cast of wholes Blair,shannon,Tan boy kirke
    NONE OF WHICH anyone above of age 10 would find any intest in??

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    now, it turns out Bob won’t be back until Wednesday, since there’s a WJC game tomorrow.

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    Another Steve 9 years ago

    I’m 40 years old (i.e. well over 10) and I thought the line-up was fine. Not perfect, but fine.

    They have been saying for the past two weeks that McCown was off for the holidays and that Blair would be in – it’s not a mystery.

    What’s a “whole”?

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    @Sam Bob always takes 2 weeks off during the holidays… (last year he took one year off and then I think took another week off in January) Don’t panic. Our vampire overlord shall return! 😀

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    Why does Blair fill in for Bob when he’s on vacation and then Sammut or somebody else fills in for Blair? Sometimes I find the chair shuffling when Bob is on vacation to be really odd XD Like wouldn’t Occam’s Razor just say that they should cut out the middle man and just put Sammut/Lajoie/whoever in for Bob, or is it the idea that none of those would be acceptable as a host for their biggest show (and interviews), so you move who is presumably your #2 guy (it’s a little sad that Blair is their 2nd best host) to the #1 spot and then pick a sub to sit in for the morning show?

    The easiest thing of course would be to move Brunt up, but apparently he doesn’t like that xD

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    Just remember: we could have had 2 weeks of Damian hosting.

    I like Blair, so I’m fine with him hosting. Although it means I usually stop listening to whomever is filling in for him in the morning. (I usually don’t listen live, so it’s just a matter of deleting the podcasts.)

    FYI: for those that missed it, Shannon is the co-host this week. And Shannon has been good the last few days discussing the Winter Classic business and behind-the-scenes stuff.

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    B-Shannon, I-Kurke, O-Deacon, on the Bingo card.

    I think there no way they will put guys like Sammut or Lajoie to that hosting spot, they are considered second level by the company and not name enough especially for their national broadcast.

    I’ve heard Merek host I think like once, and thought he was really good. Blair is fine also. Would love to hear Brady on PTS hosting but he was on vacation as well and don’t think they would take him from an important spot in the morning show.

    As for the Leafs, they are so doing the Fitzpatrick/Bills scenerio. Giving somebody a contract mid-season and then going into the dumps.

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    I noticed Marek hosted Hockey Central today, with the regulars coming back from Philly.

    I wonder if Bob has veto power on who guest hosts in his absence.

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    @Alex if he did, then Wilner wouldn’t have hosted for a day right? (I still have no idea why Wilner appears banned from PTS when Bob is hosting)

    Keyword is “appears” b/c I’ve never heard Bob actually SAY Wilner’s banned, I just notice that he never is on when Bob is on, but he’s their baseball analyst to be interviewed when Blair or others guest host o: