Globe And Mail Takes Shot At Brian Burke


Interesting to hear Brian Burke lament that no team picked Colton Orr off waivers today. I’m paraphrasing here, but in essence it was an NHL without the need for the Colton Orr’s is not the league I want to see.

More interesting to see was some of the media’s response, especially Jeff Blair:

“God forbid that regular-season game No. 589 turn into one of those boring games played at a playoff pace absent the good fun of staged fights and line brawls, where a clean hit on a fourth-line player doesn’t mean somebody has to square up to somebody else.

You want a dangerous turn? A dangerous turn is giving ownership reason to question whether the game is passing you by at a time when you’ll be life and death to make the playoffs. Because when that happens, it is the messenger who gets old as well as the message.

On the other hand, at least Burke didn’t give Orr a contract extension. Been enough of those golden handshakes lately.”

Hmmmmm, interesting time to take that shot at Burke don’t you think? The team is in a playoff race, not a lock, but actually playing decent hockey for the first time in a long time. I wonder what brought this on?

Personally, here’s my 2 cents on the whole fighting enforcer issue. I think there is nothing dumber in sports than the staged fight. Reading stories that guys know days in advance that they are going to fight another player, is just plain stupid. If two guys go into a corner and a fight breaks out, I have no issue with that. If someone takes a cheap shot at a player and someone jumps him later in the game as retaliation, I don’t mind that either. I think star players need to be protected, I think the fights we all know are going to be happen should be outright banned. Easily dealt with? No. Will they get there, yes, I think a new regime will get there. The current regime won’t.

I loved the Friedman report on Hockey in Seattle. Just one problem. Key arena, the only arena in town was built specifically without ice capabilities. So, the only way a team plays in Seattle is in a new arena, OR with a major short term upgrade to Key areana. Otherwise it’s a long wait.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t catch any of 24/7 this time around. Not really interested in it this time around. I know this sounds dumb, but did the NFL season go much faster this season than in prior years. Regular seasons is over to me anyways a lot earlier than usual.

We are almost at that time for pitchers and catchers to report in baseball and it seems to me, from a far anyways that the rumored blue jays off season was much more exciting than the real one.

Curious, what killed the NHL trade rumor? The total lack of trading or???? Whatever the reason, I personally find it sad. So many insiders, so little inside news. There are now really just 2 days to excited as fans of the deal, trade deadline day and the draft. That’s it. Is this what Bettman Inc. wanted?

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