Are The Maple Leafs Doomed? Are we Bugging Bob?


“It seems clear Burke has to make something happen, and soon, if a seventh season out of the playoffs is to be avoided.

Something to make a dramatic difference, and that’s no easy assignment. Something with the impact of the coaching change that shocked the St. Louis Blues from a state of lethargy into the hardest team to play against in the Western Conference.

Wilson, he of the childish, me-me Christmas Day bragging about his contract extension — what respected pro sports team allows its coach to announce a contract agreement via Twitter? — looks locked in for the rest of the season, tying Burke’s hands on one potential option.”

That from Damien Cox.

Take your pick, Groundhog Day, Deja Vu all over again, but if you think this movie is getting a little bit tired, here we go again. The good ship Maple Leaf is once again in familiar territory, on the outside looking in and we fans know what’s coming. Whether warranted or not, but the media smells blood and the team isn’t doing much to throw them off the trail.

One scribe went so far as to suggest that the Buds be sellers at the upcoming deadline. This was via Twitter, but what I would have paid to see that question asked to Burke’s face if it were asked live.

I’ll say this, if the Leafs finish out of the hunt this year, it will be an extremely painful off-season for the blue and white. With the play of late being what it is, Cox’s column is only just the beginning.

So, did you happen to catch Bob Mccown’s rant the other day on the Toronto Blue Jays?

It was the afternoon of the very day that Jeff Blair interviewed Blue Jays president Paul Beeston. This has been the off-season of our discontent, we Blue Jays fans and well, McCown at least gives the appearance of being a big Jays/baseball fan. Bob’s comments echoed the sentiments of many fans who write on this website and others. Lot’s of talk on the Jays part (or others), and not so much in the way of results, in the off-season anyways.

I had no issue with anything McCown said. In fact I agreed with most of it. The problem I had is that he happens to work in the same building as those who both Beeston and AA report to. McCown said in essence that something has happened or happening that is keeping the Jays from spending money. In my mind that’s not a question for the President or GM. What are they supposed to say? In fact, Beeston, only hours earlier told Blair that Rogers is every bit the owner that Labbats ever was. Alex and Paul are paid large sums to speak glowingly about ownership if they want to keep their jobs or ever work in their industry again (much more of an issue for Alex than Paul).

If McCown is going to wonder aloud what’s going on, then bring in the bosses. I don’t know what floor the buck stops on at Roger’s HQ, but it can’t be all that far from McCown’s studio can it?

A caller asked McCown why he doesn’t ask the GM the very questions he asked aloud and McCown got pretty defensive. Asking the caller and audience in general to call any Toronto GM if McCown goes to light on them when they appear on his show. The best part was when Mccown lamented, “You need me more than I need you; I don’t call you at work!”

Well, no, no he doesn’t called any of us at work. We, as you may know don’t get paid to answer calls on the radio at work. He actually makes a lot of money to be on the radio, which at times requires that he does take calls. Not to be petty, but while I am perhaps one of the biggest PTS fans out there, especially when McCown hosts, he actually needs the listeners much more than the audience needs him. Yes, it would suck if he went off the air. However, we would survive. We survived once before sans Bob and well, we would have to again. Maybe he’s made enough cash to never work again, but if the audience left him what would he do…. Again, a petty response but whatever….

Who knows, maybe he had a bad day.

So, how do you feel the Raptors season is going so far? They got off to a good start, impressing all. Now, after dropping eight in a row they appear to have settled into reality. I loved the article in the Globe recognizing their strong TV numbers. I will say this again, the advent of HD tv and the rock bottom prices on flat panel tv’s is the biggest issue professional sports teams and leagues have to deal with right now. I don’t care the venue or the sport (the NFL being perhaps an exception with so few home games). The problem is simple; no matter how cheap the cheap seats are, their are a limited number of truly great seats in any venue and those seats cost a small fortune compared with the price of a flat panel tv. So, when given the choice between nose bleeders or a living room, the choice is easy. People can stay home and watch for free. The TV’s are too good, you get replays, commentary and more. The food and drink at home should be reasonably priced and let’s not talk about the parking. I know, if you start winning they will come. I think that used to be an easy generalization. I think there are markets that have proven that when the alternative to spending a fortune to go to a game is watching it for free, people will stay at home. It’s no surprise that the Raptors do really well on TV. Why should be the any different. Courtside and truly exceptional seats are expensive. I’d rather be on my couch watching then in the cheap seats too.

Happy Monday.


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