Tim Thomas, Joe Paterno, Oh My


Yeah yeah yeah, I forgot to bring up the I’m no dead yet take 32 of celebs who were claimed dead on twitter only to be still alive.

Here’s the problem, it’s happened so often now, it’s almost become acceptable. I mean really. It’s not just little reporters tweeting prematurely the death of someone, it’s the big fellas too. Unless the media is prepared to wait until a death certificate is required prior to reporting or tweeting a death, there are going to be premature death notices. With the exception of Gordon Lightfoot, I can’t think of someone who has been wrongfully killed off on twitter who hasn’t passed away sooner rather than later. No, that doesn’t make it right. No, that doesn’t mean that one’s death is the type of news that every precaution should not be taken to ensure accuracy. It does mean that in this day of instant gratification, where our news is consumed in 140 characters, there are going to be screw-ups. It’s just a fact.

The debate on the legacy of Joe Paterno is far more interesting to me, by the way. For every writer who says that his reputation is entirely based upon his football coaching days there is at least one scribe who believes his reputation is forever tarnished by the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State. Personally, i don’t know how you separate the two. No, he didn’t do it. Yes he didn’t do enough, his record speaks for itself and his legacy will be both.

I loved the tweet today by Steve Simmons saying that he voices his opinion because that is what he does. I couldn’t agree more. Whether he is wrong or right, he’s paid to voice an opinion. What I can’t stand, and this isn’t a slam on Simmons at all, are those in the biz who get up an preach. There’s nothing worse to me than a scribe who tells people what to do. “Make sure you cheer tonight” or “don’t boo x when he returns” or “If you don’t go to Jr. hockey games you have no business watching the world juniors.”

So in that vein I found it very interesting to read and hear the various people take on Tim Thomas. All this crap from so many soap boxes. Please. The guy took a stand for what he believes in. He drew a ton of attention to himself and turned what should have been a team focused celebration to an event all about him. If I were a teammate I’d be pissed. That’s it. I don’t think it would have killed him to show up and smile. I think his opportunities to go to the white house are really limited and irrespective of the administration I’d show up. He chose not to and that’s that. Larry Brooks took the cake today “Please. Let’s not turn Tim Thomas’ act of political opportunism into some sort of noble exercise.” Ok, then let’s not comment about it. Enough said.

As promised, another the Leafs have to make a move article surfaced today, this time from Jeff Blair:

“There is a premium to be paid for being able to make a trade in advance of the league’s Feb. 27 deadline and now is not the time to be shy.

Only the true believers can look at January with satisfaction. Burke doesn’t have that luxury. He’s paid to be smarter than any of us.”

The problem is that making these types of deals isn’t easy as we all know. If it were it would have been done already. I love the Burke got lucky with Lupul. If he gets lucky with Lupul then it was just bad luck when he signed a dud right? Also, it’s easy from the armchair position isn’t it. He needs to make the deal, but if he does, you know the critics will be out in full force.

I am not disagreeing with Blair here. I just think it’s funny is all. I think Burke reads the situation as well as others. He’ll act accordingly.

Meanwhile, did you see the NFL ratings in Canada yesterday???

10.8 million Canadians watched part of the NFC championship game yesterday. Let’s put that number in perspective for a second shall we…

4.6 million Canadians tuned into this year’s grey cup and 6.04 last year. so basically take last 2 grey cup’s together and that is pretty close to this years NFC game. That’s a seriously big number for a semi-final game. Can’t wait to see what the Superbowl does.

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