Did Blue Jays Miss Out On Prince Fielder?


What a difference a few games against the New York Islanders makes eh?

I read enough papers and I’ve decided that the terms hot or cold are now the most over used in the wide world of sports. The Buds win two vs. the Isles and are “hot”???? They lose a couple and they’ve hit a cold streak….

I guess the pressure of having to compete for that story has placed us in this realm of over-hyped, over analyzed abyss.

So, our Blue Jays didn’t land Cecil’s kid Prince. Mike Illitch paid the prince a king’s ransom now didn’t he?

I’ll admit that I don’t know my baseball x’s and o’s. I am more of a Jays fan than a baseball fan. I don’t study all the stats.

I do know that while Fielder wouldn’t answer all the questions for the Jays, I do know that all the question marks surrounding the team still exist today when he is no longer on the market.

The best read on the signing I have seen so far come from one of my least favorite scribes, Mitch Albom:

“And, yes, it’s big money. But remember: It’s not your money. It’s not my money. If Ilitch wants to spend it that way, that is totally his business, and in a non-salary cap world, what difference does it make? This deal should not be judged by the dollar amount. It’s immaterial. Just something to bug the eyes out. There are overpaid players and underpaid players on every big league roster.”

In this salary cap era, it’s refreshing to see an owner go all out isn’t it? It’s interesting that Illitch who is based in an economic disaster zone is willing to shell out for both his hockey team and his baseball team while Rogers, oh never mind.

Fascinating seeing the various sides of Jays nation play this out. The optimists say that Fielder isn’t worth it and we already got out from under our own albatross of a contract with Vernon Wells. The naysayers are saying that he would have been the answer and well worth the cost.

Me, I trust AA. I just want to hear Mccown or anyone else bring in ownership and ask why the Jays aren’t spending more (wisely). AA and Beeston aren’t the problem here, it’s ownership. So, again I want the bosses on the air answering questions.

I’ve been watching the new tv show Alcatraz. It’s okay. It’s not Lost for sure, but man is it trying.

Alexander Ovechkin is sitting out the NHL All-Star game. Aren’t you too? I mean, what a crap event the game is. I don’t get why they don’t drop it in favor of the winter classic. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it’s all about the sponsors. Can’t they go to the outdoor game?

Some of the Tim Thomas rhetoric was pretty funny today. The Dave Hodge stuff was that of legends. Makes it easy to remember why he isn’t on HNIC anymore doesn’t it.

Riddle me this batman, if you could see one concert, artist is either dead or alive, who would you see?


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