Blue Jays Coverage in January Can’t Be Bad.


Reading Cathal Kelly’s article in the Toronto Star on the state of the Blue Jays.

“Sports is a zero-sum game. Every time your opponent gets better, you are, by definition, getting worse.”


Can’t you be getting better too? Or can’t your improvement be so much better than your opponents that the very fact they’ve improved is irrelevant?

“Spending a lot of money is not bad for teams. It’s bad for corporate bottom lines. I’m assuming here that you don’t own shares.”

I am having a tough time with this one too. Team do have budgets don’t they? I mean even the big ones do have limits I would assume. There is a cause and effect to every move a team makes. Mike Illitch’s pockets aren’t endless. If Prince Fielder goes bust for whatever reason, you don’t think that will have implications on the Tigers ability to make another move?

“Successful teams succeed because ownership encourages them to take risks. The Jays ownership is entirely risk averse.”

I think this is probably true, however, and I have no reason to believe this, with Beeston at the help, he probably feels that he knows the model to success. He’s done it before and it worked. I am sure Jays fans will prove me wrong, but to me what the Jays are doing under AA is similar to how the winning team was built. The big moves that the those Jays to take them over the top were risky, at least as Kelly defines risk. Am I alone in thinking that the reason the Jays have been adverse to risk is as much about their lack of confidence in their current ability to succeed? Of course if someone would interview ownership…….

“However, let’s not give these corporate mopes a pass as a team on the cusp watches a series of impact free agents receding into the distance, now playing for clubs the Jays will have to climb over in order to ever become serious contenders.”

I guess it depends on just how on the cusp they believe they are.

I love this gem by Jeff Blair:

“The Blue Jays are going to try to kill teams with relief pitching and homegrown hitting this season, their front office believing it is pointless to test the resolve of team owner Rogers Communications Inc. In the meantime, they are among a group of teams whose road to the promised land of the wild card just became a whole lot harder. But that’s just off-season conjecture and guesstimation. ”

Answer me this, had the Blue Jays signed Fielder to the same deal, would not EVERY article have called them insane for doing it under those terms?

I’ll tell you what AA/Beeston and Rogers have done. Perhaps even by doing nothing, they’ve shown there is a hunger for the Jays out there and in the middle of a hockey season where the Maple Leafs are still in the thick of things; the city is talking baseball. Even if the banter is not positive, that can’t be that bad can it?

Did you see this form Steve Buffery?:

“In my opinion, Rogers is the worst (major) sports franchise owner in this city’s history, with the possible exception of Harold Ballard, though say what you want about Pal Hal, the man did have an unquenchable thirst to win. Rogers? Not.”

Them’s fighting words no?

“If Rogers was serious about winning, they would spend more. Period.

As for this crap about waiting for the time to be right — and I know I have harped on this before — why do Jays fans have to wait? Jays fans have already waited 18 years. Why do Jays fans have to be patient — like those Rogers employees lecture them to be. Yankees fans don’t have to be patient. Red Sox fans don’t have to be patient. And they’re not patient. And guess what? The Yankees and Red Sox get into the post-season a lot. Not every year, but a lot.”

For what it’s worth, Steve Stavros killed a deal that would have brought Wayne Gretzky to the Maple Leafs doesn’t that put him in the ring for worst owner ever??? 🙂

On the topic of the Maple Leafs trade rumours, I think we’ve learned this about Brian Burke; if there’s a rumour out there, it’s probably not true. Most of what he’s done has caught us by surprise. The so called insiders have been left outside on these types of things. So if we are hearing names being whispered I am feeling pretty secure that those players aren’t going anywhere.

Happy Thursday!


Fine, but again I ask, the fine folks at Rogers. Ask the questions, all these scribes are well enough connected to get to the right parties. Ask the powers that be the questions.

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