Bob McCown Hits One Out Of The Park


So who was that guy on the TV set and on Twitter Saturday night breaking news on Sidney Crosby??? It was non other than Bob McCown, from Prime Time Sports. McCown isn’t the news breaking type. In fact folks probably get nervous when he breaks news, remember Matt Sundin to the Rangers? Anyways, there we was breaking the news that Crosby had suffered a serious neck injury.

Unlike past performances, McCown was proved right. Both the Penguins and Crosby’s agent confirmed the story and score one for McCown and well several questions and issues followed.

Everyone’s been busy debating the easy one, when did Crosby break his neck? The only thing better than sports writers debating legal issues is when they debate medical ones.

However, I think there are 2 issues/questions that are relevant here.

First, will all of you start betting on the NHL in large #’s so the league is forced to start properly reporting injuries. The only league that does a good job on injuries is the NFL and well, that’s because, you know a few people like to wager a couple of sheckles on the games. I’m sorry, but how stupid do both the Penguins and Crosby look for hiding this? This isn’t a 4th liner with a bruised thigh. It’s the best player not in the game. No one thinks your hiding something until, oh, I don’t know, you are!

No matter how many strides a league makes, keeping things like injuries hidden keeps them right there in the minors.

The next point is really quite simple. Bob McCown broke the story. Other media outlets break stories too. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if everyone just gave credit where credit was due? It’s not that hard to say, type or read the words “as reported by _”. We, the consumers aren’t that stupid. If TSN gives credit to Sportsnet or vise versa, we won’t switch our watching/listneing/reading habits. Some do actually do this. Others? Not so much.

Curious, if you are a glass half empty type, or a glass half full?

Me? I’d be stunned if the NHL doesn’t miss any time due to a labour issue.

I love all the Brian Burke is going to make a trade articles and segments. What, are the scribes preparing us all for the “I told ya so” that follows when he does? Has Burke ever gone an entire season without make a deal? His team is in the race for a playoff spot and the deadline is a month away, yeah, I guess we can all agree he’s going to do something. You don’t get marks for that. Tell me the who and the what and well then we have something.

Max Von Sydow is nominated for an academy award. How he didn’t get one for Strange Brew is equally as shocking. What a role he played.

Happy Monday.


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