Blue Jays Should Talk To Those Who Don’t Go


Once again, perspective’s a funny thing. If you read Richard Griffin‘s account, it was much to do about nothing:

“Other than a few slightly edgy, pointed questions about the Jays missing out on three starting pitchers who landed elsewhere in trade for prospects, much of the anticipated fan angst was absent.”

If you read Bob Elliot‘s account, it was much different:

“Methinks it was 1995 when we first used the words “apathy” and “Blue Jays” in the same sentence.

And we used it in 2000, again in 2009 and probably could have used it many more seasons.

The words did not go together Monday as the three wise men — president Paul Beeston, general manager Alex Anthopoulos and manager John Farrell — sat atop the Jays dugout, along with MC Buck Martinez, at the eighth annual state of the union address at Rogers Centre.

Roughly 800 season-ticket holders showed passion, concern, knowledge, anger and frustration over an off-season which saw the Jays pass on Prince Fielder and bid on but not gain the services of Japanese free agent Yu Darvish.”

Jeff Blair chimes in as well:

“A cynic would of course note it’s a convenient excuse for not spending in the free-agent market or running interference for ownership – arguing about a person’s philosophy for running a team is like arguing with a manager about a decision based on a gut feeling – but it’s a better and much-clearer explanation than had been given previously.
It was almost as if the Blue Jays didn’t know what to do with the good will and sense of fan excitement they found themselves with at the end of the 2011 season.”

Here’s what I think. Those who have already committed their hard earned (or their companies) cash have a totally different perspective and respect than those who have elected not to make that commitment. I mean, wouldn’t it be more interesting for the Blue Jays brass to talk to those who didn’t renew? Or those on the outside looking in? How pissed can you be if you’ve decided to write the cheque? That’s not to say you don’t have a valuable opinion or even a vested interest. I think a better look at valuable feedback would be to talk to those who refuse to go and ask why. But, hey, that’s just me.

By the way, I am not liking the Jays chances this season. Jose Bautista is the cover boy of a video game, and that’s never a good sign.

Have you heard one Maple Leaf trade rumor lately? I don’t mean the ones where they say that those about to be free agents could be moved. That’s a conclusion not a rumor. To me a rumor is John Davidson saying on HNIC that he’s heard players x could be dealt for player y. I haven’t heard any of those from a respectable source. So, if that’s the case, why are all the Toronto papers talking about players being so down with trade rumors? Where are the players hearing these so called rumors? Are they on that nutty website where, really, any rumor is nothing short of the most insane proposal. Or better yet the my mailman’s nieces, uncle’s dry cleaner washes Brian Burke’s cat…… Really, where are these rumors that are dragging players down? I am not hearing them or seeing them.

So, who do you like the Superbowl?


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