Toronto Sports Media Top Sports MSMers Of 2011


So, here we go are, this years top 5 Sports MSMers of the year as voted on by the MSMers themselves.

#5 James Duthie
#4 Bruce Arthur
#3 Stephen Brunt
#2 Bob Mckenzie
#1 Bob Mccown

Here are last years top 10 in no particular order:
Bruce Arthur
Jeff Blair
Stephen Brunt
Damien Cox
James Duthie
Bob Elliott
Elliotte Friedman
Bob McCown
Bob McKenzie
Steve Simmons

Interesting to note that Mckenzie climbed into the number 2 slot, while James Duthie dropped down to #5. Missing from this years top 10 are Bob Elliott and Elliotte Friedman. I am surprised with Friedman, personally I felt that Bob Elliott had a down year.

This is the second year in a row (2/2) that McCown wins top honors amongst his peers. He still conducts the best interview in town when it comes to sports. He misses wide right when he reports news, but remains a good listen. When news breaks you want to hear who he has on (which can be as much about his guests then him).

Later I will present the fan tally- ahem LT!!!

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