Tuesday Toronto Sports Ramblings


So, time for pitchers and catchers. I know the baseball diehards are all geeked up, but the rest of us Blue Jays fans, am I the only feeling blue after this off season? I don’t know why but I expected more.

Speaking of baseball, I finally watched moneyball. Movie of the year, REALLY? You’d think with all the flying I’ve done I would have seen most of the nominated movies but I haven’t. I will say this, it’s a good movie, it’s a fun movie, but if this is worthy of an Oscar the field sucks. most Oscar movies to me are the type I would watch again. I have no interest in seeing Moneyball again.

So the Leafs are down 4 in a row. The trade deadline is weeks away and one has to wonder what is going on in Brian Burke’s head. Does he hold firm, make a splash or just tweak. The problem I think he has is that the team in an enigma. They aren’t that good. They aren’t that bad. They are just okay. How does one improve an okay team without selling the future? More importantly how do you operate not knowing what the future holds. I’ve said it before but I will be totally stunned if there is not some sort of work stoppage in the NHL. Does that factor in? Here’s the kiss of death. I say Burke tweaks, a minor move or two, that we will all get worked up about and that’s about it.

Damien Cox has a good story on Rick Nash. I so prefer when a scribe takes a stance. I read the story as if to say Burke should pull the plug.

“Whether this is the right time is more complicated. To deal for Nash, you’re essentially suggesting this is a team that believes it can compete for a Stanley Cup within the next three or four years. Without a bona fide starting goalie, that’s a claim the Leafs might like to make but can’t. Still, the overall age of the roster suggests this is a team that will have many young players getting into their prime playing days in that time frame.

So sure, they have the assets, and the timing is probably right.”

Compare that with Zeisberger’s story where he says it’s unlikely. My take is simple, it’s easy to report the news. Take a side. State an opinion. It’s so easy to write that a move was good or bad after the fact.

“Think about it, people. If the cost of getting Phil Kessel was two first rounders and a second round pick, what kind of lucrative cache of draft choices, prospects and players would Nash net, especially near the deadline when asking prices always are inflated?”

Man oh man, I have to ask you all, what has Greg Brady done to you all? I have never seen the fortunes of an on air personality tanked so quickly. Not a day goes by without one of you ripping on him. Is it really that bad in your opinion?

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