Changes At TSN Radio Toronto

by TSM

Ahhhh, the power of the Maple Leafs.

Put the team in a playoff race and changes will follow.

TSN Radio Toronto has moved a hockey show into the morning slot, 9-12 (not early morning, sorry) Scott MacArthur will host Gameday to talk all things Maple Leafs and hockey through the NHL Playoffs.

Bryan Hayes stays at the 12-4 slot.

Dan Patrick, who’s ratings have slipped of late, moves into the overnight or night time slot on a syndicated basis.

All in all a smart move in my opinion.

Ask and you shall receive!

I told you, it makes for much better coverage when a reporter takes a stand and just doesn’t report the news. It appears that Mike Zeisberger took the not so subtle hint when he went from it will never happen to:

“And it’s a prime reason why the Maple Leafs should make a strong run for him.”

There you go Mike.

Now we all feel better.

So when Burke doesn’t get him, you can say, see I told you all he should get him.
So when Burke does get him and delivers the team forward you can say, see I told you he should get him.
So when Burke does get him and he’s a total bust here you can say, oh, never mind….

Seriously though, it makes for much better reading/watching/listening when a stance is taken or a point made. I have much more respect for that even when it’s wrong after the fact.

Meanwhile, out here in Seattle, we are supposed to be learning pretty soon about the plans on a new sports arena. Word is that a deal is close with an NBA franchise in mind and you have to believe that the NHL is keen on the market with several NHL teams hurting and one owned by the league.

More later


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