What’s Paul Beeston Hiding?

By tsm

Sheesh, Bruce Dowbiggin makes mincemeat out of toronto blue jays president Paul Beeston in his latest article

“In their heyday in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Blue Jays often had the highest payroll in baseball. As the Blue Jays assemble for spring training in Dunedin, Fla., the team’s payroll is ranked bottom third of 30 teams. Of teams operating in the 10 biggest baseball markets, Toronto’s payroll ranks second last with Washington’s – only the rebuilding Houston Astros’ is lower.”

Seems fair enough doesn’t it???

Beeston didn’t sound like he felt so:

““I’m not commenting,” club CEO Paul Beeston said. “You go look it up. And how do you measure it? I tell you what, you’re off on all of this stuff. None of it makes any sense.”

I’m a Beeston fan, but have to say it sounds like he’s hiding something.

““I don’t think anything affects team payroll,” Beeston said. “What affects team payroll is our ability to put a team on the field for what we think we can do.”

Asked to confirm the $225,000 figure, Beeston said: “I don’t have to say whether it’s accurate or not. But I don’t understand where [The Globe] comes up with the number.

“The only thing that matters and should matter is what kind of team we put on the field and what type of dollars we have to build our organization. The last time I looked we had the dollars necessary to build a team.”

Maybe he does have to answer maybe he doesn’t. When he doesn’t it automatically looks like he’s hiding something.

Sitting in a bar Thursday night I caught an NHL intermission show. The topic was the NHL trade deadline. Literally every rumor thy listed had the leafs in on the available player. The leafs may use the media at times, but wow do the media use the leafs to drum up an audience. So little is believable any more.

Miss mike Toth?

Whomever leads Sportsnet late night connected show is as annoying as the Tother; sounds just like him too!


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