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by RobG

Happy Family Day!

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown:

400 – 500 – Phones
500 – 700 – Roundtable with Damien Cox, John Shannon, & James Deacon

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, Cybulski & Co., with James Cybulski. Bob Mackowycz and Bruce Arthur are co-hosts:

520 – Bob McKenzie (TSN Hockey Insider)
545 – Casey Janssen (pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays)
600 – Darren Dreger (TSN Hockey Insider)
615 – Joey MacDonald (goaltender, Detroit Red Wings)
630 – Brian Cooper (S & E Sponsorship Group and TSN Business Analyst)

Tonight on Sportsline:

Did ESPN do the right thing after offending Asian-Americans with a questionable headline on their website, is Don Cherry right in his assessment that you need to fight to win in the NHL and can the Maple Leafs recover after being humbled on their west coast road trip. This plus the Hebsy’s with Mark & Bubba, tonight at 7, on CHCH.

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Sam in Scarb
Sam in Scarb
February 20, 2012 5:13 pm

Flip on PTS made it 6 seconds…cox & shannon bye bye
Thank gawd there is a Married with Children marathon on !!

February 20, 2012 5:22 pm

I know. It actually made me spend time with my family. That’s how bad they are!

February 20, 2012 5:28 pm

So PTS decided to talk about the Habs and Shannon decides to say that yes indeed he was against the Habs signing Andrei Markov at the time. Cox essentially challenged him by saying, were you saying that at the time, because he didn’t recall seeing or hearing any MSM saying not to this decision. I would really like it if somehow Shannon could produce the evidence. This is not an issue related to the Habs, but rather Shannon again saying what is convenient. Unfortunately, I doubt there is any way (outside of quitting my job and spending months on the internet) of proving whether or not he is lying. Shannon just continues to speak like he is unaccountable. I think….

Another Steve
Another Steve
February 20, 2012 5:34 pm

I am a huge tennis fan and, as much as it hurts to say this, I really hope Milos Raonic hears the words and tweets from Arthur, Cybulski, and Cox (who claims to be a tennis guy), and says “fuck this” to ever playing Davis Cup again.

Pete Sampras, Raonic’s idol, only played Davis Cup twice in 13 years; Federer has skipped it for the most of his career, Murray hardly plays anymore, and both Nadal and Djokovic skipped the opening “ties” (re: matches) last weekend for their respective countries.

On the other hand, Raonic shows up, totally stoked to play for his country, for which he receives no money at all, wins a match, then volunteers to play doubles. He and Nestor lose in doubles and then he has a bit of a health scare, while knowing that he has to defend his big ranking points in the next two weeks (at San Jose and Memphis respectively). Of course, Raonic just won San Jose, and his ranking still went down, which shows just how important defending this title was since, if he had been unable to play, he would have fallen out of the top 50 and therefore would not get an automatic entry into the big tournaments anymore, which can be almost fatal for players who are suffering from injuries (see: J.M. del Potro, who has taken more than a year to get back near the top again).

The problem with the media’s reaction to Raonic is that they see him as a hockey player, one who has a contract and is set for life, which is not the case at all. Last year was the first year that he made any prize money at all and a lot of it went into travel costs, which (for a tennis player) are quite high. And he even missed 4 months last year due to an injury.

Anyway, I would completely understand if Raonic decided, at the very least, to avoid the Arthurs and Coxes in the future and just play for himself, especially since the international tennis media thinks that such criticism is a type of parochial joke.

It ain’t worth it, Milos – be like Sampras, Federer (et al.) and play for yourself. This ain’t hockey and it doesn’t matter what the hockey and basketball reporters think, most of whom never heard of the Davis Cup prior to three weeks ago.

February 20, 2012 5:57 pm

The fact Raonic has put Tennis back on the map is good enough. How many Canadians, even Tennis Fan Canadians really give a flying F*#* about the Davis Cup. Good post Steve. (as an aside, completely agree on your thoughts of Cox as a tennis guy).

Tonight on PTS Cox has taken Shannon to the woodshed a few times regarding his comments. I am no fan of Cox, but finally someone is questioning Shannon, interestingly Bob is almost defending Shannon.

Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
February 20, 2012 6:02 pm

Another Steve, I don’t listen to PTS when Brunt is not there, but after reading your post on Milos and the various press who were critical of him, they should be ashamed of themselves. Not only is there travel costs, but also a coach to pay, a physiotherapist to pay, an agent who takes a cut of your winnings, and other sundry expenses that add up.

It just so happens that Milos grew up on my street in Thornhill, and I have had many chats with Dusan, his father, on Milos, and even with his current coach, Galo Blanco, multiple times.

To give you an example of the patriotism that Milos has for Canada, I happened to be walking my girls to day camp last Summer which means walking past Milos’s house, and I just happened to see Galo leave the house with his assistant carrying a bunch of tennis balls. I chatted it up with him, and this was during the summer when he was recovering from his hip surgury, and I asked how Milos is doing. Galo was ecstatic to tell me that he will be ready to play for Canada in the upcoming Davis Cup matches in Israel, even though he would be missing the U.S. Open.

You can just tell from his coach how important it was for Milos to play for his country, and if some of the press know-it-alls criticize him for anything that happened in Vancouver, walk a day in his shoes, and see the hard work and dedication it took to rehab and get back to play for his country in the first place in Israel. Milos could have easily said he needed more time and skipped Israel, but he didn’t, even though he wasn’t ready in the end to play, and did come back too early. He learnt not to push things with regards to jeopardizing his career and he is right. He 100% did the smart thing in Vancouver.

Given a choice of Milos protecting his points and advancing in the rankings, versus seeing another health setback no question I want the former. He has to make a living #1, and as a realtor I can relate ot being an independent contractor and the huge ups an downs you have.

You make a great point that tennis is not hockey, and should not be treated in the same fashion, where players have huge insurance policies put up for them should they suffer a career ending injury or one where they miss games.

February 20, 2012 6:03 pm

Cox really and i mean really needs to get his arrogant ass kicked, and i don’t mean just a verbal joust!

Another Steve
Another Steve
February 20, 2012 6:06 pm

Thanks RD, that’s a great story.

As a side note, anyone who glances at Milos’ twitter-feed can see how proud the guy is to play for Canada.

Mike S
Mike S
February 20, 2012 7:24 pm

Steve in Hamilton has presented a very good case in support of Raonic’s recent decision……………however I don’t think using Sampras as a comparable helps the case because they are two completely different scenarios…………..the USA was always one of the favourites in Davis Cup and the dropoff from Sampras to the others (Agassi, Chang, Courier, etc) was reasonably small………………in Raonic’s case, the dropoff from him to the other Canadian singles players is substantial…………….also, Canada was playing with the Davis Cup big boys for the first time in many years and they were at home so Raonic’s participation meant quite a bit more to Canada than Sampras’ participation meant to the USA.

Having said all of that, if Raonic received a diagnosis that said he could do serious damage to his leg if he played for a third straight day in Vancouver I have no problem with him pulling out of his reverse singles match

Another Steve
Another Steve
February 20, 2012 8:11 pm

Good points Mike S. Perhaps the comparison with Federer is more apt, since the Swiss were a one-man team for the longest time (before Stan W. appeared) – or, that is, they would have been a one-man team if Federer ever played – and they did float in and out of the world group a lot.

Ami Angelwings
February 21, 2012 3:09 am

It’s interesting that Bob used the words “only he can know what he believes” about Tim Thomas and the idea that he might be racist, and that Bob talked about Cito, because as I recall, Cito said those very words to, I think, Brunt in a Globe and Mail article a couple years ago about Bob and the other people he thought were racist. He said only Bob can know what he believes and whether he’s racist or not.

Given how much Bob hates Cito and thinks that Cito is totally unfair to him, I find it interesting they both used very similar words and that they both agree on this. xD

Ami Angelwings
February 21, 2012 3:11 am

Also Cox and Shannon went at it AGAIN today. Can they NEVER BE ON THE SAME ROUNDTABLE AGAIN!? >_<

Ugh. They both argue the same way: "you're totally an idiot for believing that and I'm going to sigh at you and talk in a tone where it's clear I think you're crazy and interrupt you all the time" -_- It's really annoying to listen to. And both of the interrupt each other so much and then the other wants to finish their sentence and the interrupting one sighs and is like OH FINE YOU COMPLAINYPANTS.

Why can't they both be banned from the show -_-

February 21, 2012 4:24 am

I was going to ask if the roundtable was worth a listen (even with Cox and Shannon), but I think Ami answered that question. :>

February 21, 2012 9:19 am

Alex it certainly wasn’t the disaster the last effort with Messrs. Cox and Shannon. However, it was no where near the caliber of the Sam and Ted offerings over the last two weeks. Perhaps I am reading way too much into it, but the tone seemed very much strained and subdued.

Ami nailed it; the two cannot coexist on the same roundtable as it just not good radio. Obviously, I have no actual idea of the relationship between Cox and Shannon but at times there was disdain, appearing to masquerade as thinly veiled contempt. Rather than fueling intense debate it degenerated into petulant whinging as evidenced by Cox bleating about being allowed to his views regarding some show about hockey.

There was a fascinating exchange between Cox and McCown where Bob established that it was his show. Damien stated that he did not like where Bob was going in a discussion on racism based on the comments surrounding whether Lin would get this coverage if he were black. When Bob pointed out he was not there to make Damien feel comfortable, Cox definitely deferred.

As for the topic, it would be great to hear a roundtable with John Salley as a member discuss it.

February 21, 2012 9:57 am

I heard about 3 minutes of PTS on Monday with Bob opining on the Jays’ roster. His lisp was really noticeable – especially with words beninning with the letter “s”.

February 21, 2012 12:59 pm

Again, I don’t listen to PTS anymore when Cox is on. Shannon is a close second in the annoyance category to Cox, but it isn’t just a Cox/Shannon thing. In virtually any roundtable Cox is on he will intentionally pick on someone, just to be the “Contrarian”, just to stand out. He does it with Shannon (though that’s more understandable), but he has also done it with Friedman and others who really DO know what they’re talking about.

I really don’t understand how he continues to be employed in a major role at Rogers/FAN. I haven’t heard anyone say anything good about Cox in a long time. In fact, he’s driving people away from watching/listening. You’d think they would be sensitive to that and do something about it – like fire his ass. But, Rogers is an arrogant company and will do what they want. “Fueled by fans…” My arse.

February 21, 2012 1:31 pm

@Curt, well said my friend, well said.

February 21, 2012 4:01 pm

Who is the moron at Sportsnet who is responsible for hiring Cox & Shannon in the 1st place anyway? They are brutal! There are what about 3 million Leaf fans throughout the GTA, go on any Leafs forum around the internet and you will read very clearly Cox & Shannon are very much disliked…way to go Sportsnet.

Brunt & Zeisberger have way better chemistry with McCown.

Ami Angelwings
February 21, 2012 4:36 pm

The racism thing is a perfect example of why Brunt is the best co-host for Bob. If Bob goes into dangerous territory (which honestly, I was disappointed in him about :\ one of the reasons I love him so much is how good he tends to be about stuff like sexism and racism which most white male radio hosts are pretty terrible at), Brunt finds ways of calming him down, steering him into better territory or getting him to examine his own opinions without just saying “don’t say that you’ll get in trouble!” or “don’t go there!” like Cox did. Also if Brunt does disagree, he’ll explain why and I find Bob always listens if you explain why (even if he might not agree). All Cox did was say “I disagree, but I won’t say why.” -_-

(For the record, I don’t agree with every allegation of racism, but I also don’t think therefore all allegations are unfounded if they’re made by PoCs and only white people should be able to decide what’s racism or not as Bob seems to imply, or that only Bob knows what “real” racism is -_- )

But Brunt tends to be able to moderate Bob and keep him in debating facts, not emotions… he’s done the same in their disagreements about steroids, and the other day when he disagreed about the fan expectation that the Jays could get Fielder. Cox and Shannon are adversarial and provocative enough as it is, so I think that already gets Bob into “I have to up the ante in how I argue or those 2 will just tell me to F off” and add on top that when they DO disagree, they don’t give good reasons as much as they just act like Bob is wrong and sigh or say “don’t say that” or etc… that just serves to make things worse. Nobody likes to feel like they should just be quiet because things aren’t “PC”, and Bob also has that streak… I think he’d react better if somebody explained to him why he’s wrong, or maybe just discussed about why the columnist is wrong (I think she is) and talk about the racism Lin is dealing with, than just “shut it, you’ll get in trouble”.

I still do believe that if you argue actual substance with Bob, even if he’s very passionate/emotional about the topic, he’ll listen, if you just tell him “don’t say it, it’s not PC” it just makes him more annoyed (and feel like he’s more right).

If they do insist on having that discussion, it should be Bob and at least one Asian Canadian/American person, but no names come to mind because of how under-represented we are in sports xD There’s that guy on Sportsnet or TSN who wears such geeky clothes and glasses I just bury my head in my hands, but I never remember his name, and I dunno if necessarily he has any opinions on it. Obviously, it couldn’t just be ANY Asian person, it’d be somebody who has an opinion on these subjects…

I nominate me >_>

Ami Angelwings
February 21, 2012 4:40 pm

“In virtually any roundtable Cox is on he will intentionally pick on someone, just to be the “Contrarian”, just to stand out”

This is exactly it, and he does it in his column and blog too, and he hides behind it also. He’ll say “well somebody had to say it”. Or he’ll say “I just said it to stir the pot!” or etc, as if that makes it okay. Cox seems to think that as long as he MEANS to act like a jerk, it makes it okay. As if only unintentional jerks should be chastised but if you MEAN to be one, well, that’s fine.

It’s really really annoying. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think a lot of people WANT to listen to jerks on the air (well maybe on some other talk radio stations, but not for sports), I think they want to listen to actual discussion, and if it’s an argument, then it’s a REAL argument based on what people actually believe and real, not fake, or played up, passion.

Cox is the talk radio equivalent of a staged hockey fight.

February 21, 2012 4:56 pm

Ami Angelwings, In response to your following search for an Asian guy, his name is Rob Wong and he actually filled in for Tim & Sid yesterday.

There’s that guy on Sportsnet or TSN who wears such geeky clothes and glasses I just bury my head in my hands, but I never remember his name, and I dunno if necessarily he has any opinions on it. Obviously, it couldn’t just be ANY Asian person, it’d be somebody who has an opinion on these subjects…

February 21, 2012 5:12 pm

Ami great points, just because a topic is difficult, controversial or contentious does not mean it cannot be tackled. Bob’s comments were prompted by those statements emerging that if Lin were black he would not be getting this attention McCown was talking about whether this type of comment and others by those like Gumbel, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton et al aren’t also a form of racism.

I like you was also thinking if Brunt were on the panel the discussion would have happened. With the right people who can speak from experience and are unafraid to take on a controversial subject it could be compelling radio.

February 21, 2012 5:58 pm

Good points, Ami, regarding Cox. (I haven’t listened to Monday’s podcast, so can’t comment on Bob’s racism rant.) Apparently, Cox is going to Dunedin for Spring Training. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes with Jose Bautista – you know, the guy Cox suggested was on steroids (“Just gotta ask the question…”) BEFORE he was hired at Rogers? He’s since become a bit of a Blue Jays cheerleader since signing on for Sportsnet. He’s so full of shit.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
February 22, 2012 10:26 am

catching up on podcasts and flipping through monday’s shows and found some unintentional comedy. Rob Wong covering for T&S tried to take calls but it was pretty clear no one was calling in, so he kept trying to broaden the topic.

“Which Jay are you looking forward to seeing this year? …. ok, how about which Jay are you NOT looking forward to seeing this year, …. ok then, how about which player are you looking forward to seeing this year … Pujols, Fielder? …. what about Darvish, let’s take calls on whether you’ll boo Darvish and Fielder …. ok, well we’re up against the break. Stay tuned as we set up the Leafs playoff prospects.”

Ami Angelwings
February 22, 2012 4:48 pm

Poor Rob Wong! XD I had no idea he did radio… or that they had nobody more suited to fill in for Sam and Ted o:

It seems like the FAN590 is like a great basketball team with a weak bench… when the regulars are gone they seem to be scrambling for fill ins..

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