NHL Deadline Day Has Arrived


The NHL Draft, NHL Free Agency Day and Trade Deadline day. Those are the three biggest days in the NHL. Opening night is big. Hockey day in the USA/Canada is nice. The All Star Game is lame and the outdoor classic was cool the first couple of times and now it’s really lame for those outside of the two teams playing. With the exception of the night in which a Stanley Cup could be won, I am not sure there is a bigger day in hockey then those three, perhaps the biggest of which is tomorrow.

I know, the comments will come flying in that it’s silly to suggest a day where no games are played (or at least are secondary) can’t be that big, and that this is just over hype, well media outlets plan for the audience; they feed the beast and the only reason they are on air as long as they are as the people have spoken.

Tomorrow is the day the insiders reputations are earned and lost.

How great was that time that sportsnet had the rumor whizz off in the corner, as if Dwayne had the cnn blue dot on his head?

I find intrigue this year because it seems there has been so little action leading up the deadline. Usually the big names are gone and well everyone thinks the dealing is done. That hasn’t happened this year. Some deals yes. Not like in the past.

Obviously, the fact our leafs are in the toilet and falling fast makes things interesting too. It’s funny as your season become more irrelevant how much more fun these days are and what a huge let down the day after is too.

So, here I am in the USA and i will be relying on Twitter and most of you for updates. I can tell you that in these parts there is no coverage whatsoever. Zero buzz, zero hype. NBA all star game and spring training all the time.

Having said that, I was at the Seattle home show today and I was wearing a North Toronto sweatshirt and no fewer than 5 strangers asked me if I was excited that hockey is coming to town!

So, when you tune in tomorrow, enjoy it. It’s a day of dreams, of over-excess, of indulgence and a day that the industry can both be proud of it’s fans and yet still laugh at the lengths people go to watch.

Happy deadline Monday.


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