Toronto Sports Media Weekend Roundup


“You had to hear the way Cherry pronounced “Toronto” the second time — “Tronna.”

Nobody says Toronto that way any more, but Cherry is reaching back to something elemental in our civic memory. He’s appealing to base instincts and national animosity. He’s dropping well below the belt.

It’s about time. Cherry has famously been sliding into irrelevance for a while.

He picked the wrong side in the debate on violence in hockey and — true to form — has continued swinging long after being swamped by public opinion.

His entire appeal is populist, and he’s started losing the people. Banging on about headshots and wimps isn’t getting Cherry anywhere.

However, wrapping himself in the flag is a winner. Using the flag to choke out the city’s most famous foreigner works even better.”

Enough to make me want to puke up all those Don Cherry wings I at over the years.

What a load of crap.

I mean, REALLY.

To suggest that the Leafs are anti-Ontario is nuts. Does anyone with a brain really believe this?

The source of the claim is a guy who knows what it’s like to have a phobia for people based solely on where they were born.

You want to attack Burke on his record as Leafs GM, I got it. How about how he handled Ron Wilson’s tenure? There’s lots of material there. This Anti-Ontario stuff is garbage, much like most of Don’s most recent work.

“Honestly: until the Toronto media starts snooping into who Leafs players are sleeping with, who they’re hanging around with and doing business with and what they do on the road, Burke has nothing to complain about.

The Lakers, Celtics, anybody in Philadelphia or New York or any iconic European soccer team of significance gets at least a 1,000 times more scrutiny than the local flannel.

Burke can’t have it both ways; he can’t say the media is hurting his team – the trade deadline is “murder?” Please! – and then tell us he’s brought in players who aren’t susceptible to media pressure. The only person I see overly-sensitive to the Toronto media is Burke himself. Guess they don’t teach that in Hartford, Anaheim or Vancouver.”

That from Jeff Blair.

It’s a funny thing isn’t it. I don’t think the Toronto sports media are tough at all. I do think they have strength in numbers. There are a ton of them and some don’t know boundaries. There’s a difference between reporters who ask hard questions and publish critical things and then a huge group of people who ask the same questions every single day.

No one writes better feel good stories in the Toronto Sports Media world than Bruce Arthur. Here’s another example.

Have you been following all the stuff on the bounties in the NFL? Are you really surprised? How great a quote is this:

“Some, like Steelers safety Ryan Clark, suggested that whoever cooperated with the NFL investigation “should be ashamed.”

Those who are shocked by any of this are the ones who should be ashamed.

Happy Monday!

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