Brian Burke’s Hang Up On CFRB


Thanks to those who sent this in.

Take a listen to a rather boring, uneventful interview with Burke. He gets asked about firing Wilson, he gets asked about making the playoffs, there’s 30 seconds on the ad for the new work in dedication in his son’s memory. I’m not being flippant, rather stating that there is nothing new in the interview.

John Moore then takes a wide turn and says to Burke, that the talk is town is that now that the coach is gone the GM should be too. I’ve listened to it a couple of times, and there’s no real question to Burke, and if there is what is he really to say?

Burke’s response is that he hasn’t heard that, that the issue is one for ownership and that he doesn’t appreciate a cheap shot at the end of the interview. Moore rambles a little bit trying to get Burke to comment and then Burke hangs up the phone.

Now, should Moore or his producer tell Burke he is going to ask him that when setting up the interview?

I don’t know. Can some MSMer out there tell me if that’s protocol. If that’s the norm then I think Burke is right.

If Burke or someone at the Leafs asked the question, what are we talking about before accepting the interview and this was withheld then I think Burke’s right too.

If not and it’s literally fly by interviews where everything is “kosher” then I guess I can sort of see Moore’s point. But in retrospect, what’s Burke really supposed to say? He could say, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. He did say that’s up to ownership to decide.

So, media fans, what say you?


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