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Here’s what I am reading this Monday night while my kids are sleeping:

“Sitting at Randy (Kitty) Carlyle’s cottage on beautiful Manitoulin Island some five summers ago, Mark Chipman made a prediction to his close friend, one that would prove to be prophetic.

“Kitty,” Chipman said to Carlyle, “you know that one day you are going to be the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.”

Carlyle’s response was short, albeit not sweet.

“No way!” Carlyle responded.”

Ok, so now we all have to call Randy Carlyle, Kitty????

The article in the Sun is actually a pretty good read.

Speaking of good reading, it’s nice to see a glimmer of hope out of camp Blue Jay:

““This kid has great hands and the perfect body to play shortstop with those long legs,” Vizquel, 44, said of Hechavarria, who is 5 foot 11, 180 pounds. “He has great range and all the tools to become a great shortstop.”

So, is this enough to get you to buy some tickets to this years Jays season? It’s so beyond early but already we are in the thick of doom and gloom.

Last word on Don Cherry. Damien Cox says it’s an idiotic stance. Steve Simmons says it’s an idiotic stance. Game over.

Note to Mark Spector, if you want to gain the interest and trust of those in Toronto, quoting Jason Blake on anything isn’t the way to do it:

“Well,” said ex-Leaf Jason Blake, who played parts of three seasons for Carlyle before the coach was fired in Anaheim, “players will see in Toronto, it’s not as easy as having (Ron) Wilson. Practices are a lot longer, a lot tougher, and a lot more demanding.”

What, was Vesa Toskala not available?

I long for the days when sports new broke and we could find the works of one Stephen Brunt.

I also long for the day when we could read good opinion pieces on

Both seem to have gone missing of late.

Special note to the fine folks at both Rogers and TSN, there is this thing called the internet, you may have heard about it. You happen to have some pretty good “talent” on your staff, try exposing an online audience to it, there are other ways besides radio and tv. Just saying.

I’ve been playing around on my xbox lately. Couple of thoughts. One, I can’t cut the cord on my cable until all the shows I want to watch are available to me when I want. No Good wife, no mentalist, no person of interest = no paid account for Hulu+ for me.

The realsports app on the xbox is cool. The only way I pay for things is if I can get every leaf game for a reasonable flat rate. Until then it’s a total waste of time and space on my device.

I’m curious how or where Raptors fans are. I know, I am not in Toronto so I don’t see a lot of folks face to face but man is quite online and on twitter on all things Raps of late.

Do you know what the following NBA teams have in common:

They are all drawing fewer fans than your Toronto Raptors. ESPN, Mike and Mike, better call up the moving vans in each of those other 14 cities.

Say what you will (or won’t) folks are coming out to Raptors games with next to no hope or talent.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah, Syracuse is in deep shit with the NCAA.

Is there anything surprising abou that?

Have a great night/Day


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