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Here’s what I think you should be reading if you haven’t already.

Honestly the best piece that’s been written in a Toronto paper for a LONG time comes from Bob Elliott. As a sports fan I am always curious as to what goes on behind the scenes, on the road who hangs with who etc. It’s clear that Bob and Tom Cheek had a special relationship. Seriously, all you manly guys out there, I’d suggest a tissue nearby before reading. I am not going to put a quote, it’s too good. It is Bob Elliott at his best.

So this Don Cherry vs. Brian Burke is a lot like Cherry himself, never ending. Having said that, major kudos to the Toronto Star’s Raju Mudhar for this gem:

“Cherry opened the door over a week ago, when he accused Burke of going to CBC bosses to get him fired for criticism of the Leafs on Coach’s Corner. Burke has denied this and said he does not want to engage in any further feud with Cherry.

“I can’t speak (for Cherry), but I can say Brian Burke specifically told me: ‘I don’t want the guy fired.’ ” Jeffrey Orridge, head of CBC Sports, said in an interview on Sunday.”

So while the other outlets, specifically the Sun who I think mandated that every writer on payroll chime in on the story were killing the horse for the 50th time, Mudhar, got us, ‘the rest of the story’. So if Burke didn’t try to get Cherry fired, and if the CBC is to believe and actually said he didn’t want Cherry fired, then what’s all the fuss about?

Nothing wrong with a little brand cheerleading is there?

You know I love my Sunday Simmons fix. Here’s what I liked yesterday:

“Anyone heard anything from Wilson since he was fired as Leaf coach? Attempts to call, e-mail, text Wilson for an interview have gone unreturned from many Toronto media members. There’s now a pool on time and date of the first interview ”

So, who you going to bet on?

I was going to say Landsberg, but I think not.

Who would Wilson be willing to talk to?

I ran a quick question on twitter today, asking people if they would really watch less hockey if fighting were finally banned. I am pretty sure I got less than 1 response saying they would watch less. It’s just so time to make the move. 99.9% of fights are so pathetic and of the “staged” variety, I can’t imagine anyone really missing those. On that same note I really liked Michael Traikos’s piece on concussions in hockey.

Did you all see the bit in today’s Globe and Mail suggesting the poor state of former professional athletes:

“According to the NBA Players Association and Sports Illustrated, about 60 per cent of NBA players are bankrupt five years after retiring, while 78 per cent of NFL players are in financial trouble two years after retiring.”

So, I am not sure what your definition of “in financial trouble” is, but wholly schmidt are those scary numbers! I realize that everyone is responsible for themselves, but aren’t agents supposed to be there to help just a little? Good thing those two leagues have unions!

I see TJ Ford is calling it quits. Too bad, I hope he’s in the 4/10 not the 6/10 in 5 years!

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