Apathy Hits Toronto Maple Leafs Nation


So there I was watching the greatest film of all time, or at least my favorite of all time, the Shawshank Redemption and I was hoping to take advantage of the 3 hours time difference to preview some of the scathing reports from yesterdays Boston trouncing of the Maple Leafs.

Instead I got crickets.

This isn’t a criticism of the MSM.

It’s an observation of the fan base.

I listened to multiple clips of the morning radio shows.

I’ve read all the papers and blogs.

There’s really nothing there to report on.


I am not sure what stage of anger we are in, but the one where we simply stop caring is upon us.

How many times can you get mad at the columnist who says they suck?

Truth is we know they suck.

It just isn’t worth the effort to care anymore is it?

I’ve been following the coverage of my Miami Dolphins (I know, I can really pick em) lately. Fans there are PISSED. I was thinking how similar our fan bases are. Fanatical in every which way, yet we seem to be so far ahead of them in the resigned to failure realm.

The difference is that in Miami, when the fans get pissed they show their displeasure with their wallets, they stop going to games.

We’ve proven, or at least the corporations in the city have, that no matter how bad, we continue to fill the barn and go back for more.

We’ve hired and fired coaches and GM’s; and in some cases re-hired GM’s.
We’ve drafted, signed and traded for players; and shipped some of those players out the door too.
Nothing has changed.

For now, or maybe just today, it appears that we’ve become immune to it.

It appears that we’ve accepted our fate.

At least until tomorrow.They will sign some stud college free agent and for a blip in time, all will be well.

Interesting times being a leafs fan.


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