Borat Song Played As Kazakhstan National Anthem

Borat Song Played As Kazakhstan National Anthem


Do you remember the World Series game where the Canadian flag was upside down???

Well, some genius in Kuwait played the Borat version of the Kazakhstan national anthem instead of the real thing to honor an athlete who just won an event.

Listen carefully to the lyrics and you will recognize them as directly from Borat.

It’s too bad an American didn’t win, the American Anthem in Borat would have been a lot funnier than this!



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    Jim Todd 9 years ago

    Geez – you’d think that someone would check these things to make sure they’re right before using them on the international stage like this!

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    Dave in Bolton 9 years ago

    Don Landri is now with TSN Radio was on GameDay show today

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    Roger 9 years ago

    I wonder what he’s been doing the past year? Besides curling and rec softball.