Almost Happy Anniversary To TSN Radio


So, the 13th of April will mark the one year anniversary of the launch of TSN radio in Toronto.

Here’s the quote from press release just prior to launch:

“TSN’s mandate has always been to be Canada’s Sports Leader and TSN Radio 1050 gives the network yet another platform to deliver industry-leading sports coverage to Canadians across the country,” said Phil King, President of Sports and Executive Vice-President of Programming, CTV. “The powerful combination of TSN’s all-star broadcast team and CHUM Radio – one of the most successful radio organizations in Canada – enables TSN Radio 1050 to make an immediate impact on the sports radio landscape.”

I will do more on numbers and all that a littler later.

I personally couldn’t be happier that the station is around. Whether or not they have achieved the ratings they thought (and I highly doubt that they have) I think there mere presence has made The Fan 590 up their game. I think it forced them to make better hires (Tim and Sid), improved certain shows and simply pay more attention to detail.

As a fan, I love choice. You’ve read me enough to know that I am a constant flipper. I like what I like and when I don’t, I flip. With 2 stations I have choices. Even here from Seattle I listen to both stations and a lot. Still do a lot of flipping as the apps I use to listen allow me to program the stations I like.

I don’t like the TSN morning show. I apparently fit what the really lame radio demographics show. Most males my age don’t like the Richards show. The younger males do.

I think the Scott MacArthur show is ok. Not great, not awful. It’s a vast improvement to the old Hogan/Toth shows down the dial.

I like the Dan Patrick show. I think the move made a ton of sense when the Leafs were in the thick of things. It made less sense when they weren’t. Having said that you can’t program based upon how the buds may or may not be playing.

I like the Hayes show. He talks all the majors, he has an opinion and he gets good guests. Yeah, he’s young, yeah perhaps he isn’t all that accomplished, but that’s okay for me. I am more entertained by him than I am interested in his opinion.

I think the Cybulski show is the most improved show on the air. I think it fell out of the gate simply by trying to hard and I think it’s settled down to a viable alternative to McCown. It’s not the first thing I select to listen to but it is a good replacement. The test for me is simple. When it came on the air, I used to flip and listen to a small segment and then constantly flip back to the Fan to see if McCown was either back OR talking about something of interest. Today, when I flip, I stick around a lot longer.

Jim Tatti and Hogan are on the night time and to be honest, I like Hogan much more in this role. Tatti seems to drive and Hogan provides some filler. I think he’s so much better in that role. I don’t listen all that much at night, except to be honest when I drive home from work unless a hockey game is on, that’s what I hear.

So, I’ll deliver the details later, but all in all a decent first year.

I think things get really interesting in the fall, assuming a new CBA when the Leafs split half their season on both TSN radio and the Fan. This will change things simply because those who listen to Leaf games will have to do so at least half the time on TSN radio, a station they may not listen to at all or quite frankly know exists.

I imagine new pre and posts game shows to be in the works and a whole new focus.

Getting Leaf games on the Fan is important in that TSN didn’t get the whole season and 640 no longer has them, It’s much more valuable to TSN. People who listen to the game on their car radio will keep it on that station when they pull into their garages at night. It will still be on the dial when they turn on their cars in the morning. The question is, will they keep hearing Richards in the morning.

I’ll be in Las Vegas through the weekend. Type at ya from Sin City.


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