Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

by RobG

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown:

400 – Phones
500 – Roundtable – joining Bob are Sid Seixeiro, John Shannon, & Michael Grange

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, Cybulski & Co., with James Cybulski:

5:30 – hockey prospect Connor McDavid and his father Brian in studio

On TSN (5pm) & TSN2 (6:30pm), Off the Record with Michael Landsberg:

Chris Therien, Flyers Analyst
Marc Crawford, NHL on TSN Analyst
Gary Payton, NBA Legend

Tonight on Sportsline:

Why is the NHL waiting until Saturday to announce their suspension for Raffi Torres? Should the Blue Jays introduce a Twitter policy for their players? Has Dwight Howard put himself in a position for fans & media to question his character and who will win Saturdays showdown between Barcelona and Real Madrid? Join Hebsy & Bubbs tonight at 7, on CHCH.


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    Between Shahnon’s constant interrupting and saying ‘ya know what’ or ‘let me tell ya’ or ‘respectfully, your wrong’ blather and Grange’s stammering (getting a wee bit better) one could have a great drinking game on Friday afternoons!

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    ML in Kingston 7 years ago

    Very nice to see Bob engaged again though. I didn’t see or hear the first hour but the last 2 it was a great look into what made prime time so great, he was engaged about the topic which therefore made for great listening. Is it just me or did Bob seem to have a real grrr on for Grange today?

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    mike (in boston) 7 years ago

    serious question: can anyone think of some way for Bob to do 1 hour a day rather than 3? He’s joked in the past about wanting to have Carson’s schedule (not sure what that means exactly but i can guess). The show would probably get a much needed revitalization if Bob had less time with which to work.

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    Wasn’t just you ML, I thought the same thing, he was very quick to cut him off if he could sense his rambling was going on to long, and I don’t know if you were watching but did you notice how quick Grange was to get the hell out of there a the end of the show?

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    You guys are obviously entitled to your opinions, but I’m not sure The Fan is really going to be that eager to change things up or look at having Bob do fewer hours.

    There was an article in the Globe the other day about how McCown finished #1 for men 25+ for the first time this most recent book…something like a 13 share.

    I don’t enjoy Shannon as a cohost either but …

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    Agree Daniel, that Bob doing less than 3 hours is a non topic.

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    I don’t really notice that Grange stammers, or at least it doesn’t bother me… but Shannon needs to stop interrupting people when he thinks they’re wrong and let them finish their argument. Bob pretty much started heading him off at the pass towards the end when he’s like “I can see that you want to say something so let me say….”

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    Shahanon is addicted to making sure every person in the room knows that he is the smartest. Probably a good reason he has been fired from every job in TV production he ever had. I’m sure he has no love loss for Scott Morrison, gotta be a bitch be on all those hockey shows and have zero control over them.

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    Mike S 7 years ago

    Here is some more ammunition for all of the anti-Shannon people on this site…………….he has now be on the last eight Friday PTS roundtables……………and since Labour Day he has been on 28 of the 32 Friday PTS roundtables

    Please don’t ask me how I know this

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    kamlesh 7 years ago

    Have to admit Grange sounded a little better today, but his best insights come when he talks Canada basketball or Raptors not baseball or hockey.

    I must be one of the few (only?) people who don’t mind Shannon, especially when he gives inside information such as the the Leaf season ticket holders attend about seven games. No one else gives you inside stuff like that. Maybe they should give him a sports business show.

    Enjoyed Hogan filling in for Hayes today. Excellent interview with Ray Ferraro, who has a great insight into the game coupled with a low key humour -great joke about dodge-ball; probably my favourite hockey analyst.

    There was a lot of talk today about Fenway Park. So I want to share this link, I bet most of you have seen it, of Mike Francesa and Mad Dog Russo arguing about the old and new Yankee Stadiums. Classic – I wish they were still together. TSN radio should have 2 hosts on shows so they can get into arguments like this.

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    Thanks for the Francesa link, an what a shock that fat bastard would complain about long lines for concessions and small seats that his fat ass can’t fit in!!!

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    Martin 7 years ago

    A few weeks back on Hockey Central @11pm – Brad May & Shannon were on with Jeff Marek and Shannon was going on why NHL players do what they do on the ice as some sort of expert till May said I played in the league and this how most hockey players think never seen Shannon more pissed off with someone before not that it means much as I thought it was pretty comical with Shannon’s reaction to May……

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    If you were to go back in check threads from the beginning of the year, I think it was mentioned that shannon had a contract to be on all the roundtables, which caused a great deal of consternation from people here.

    Marek would be an interesting person to have on the roundtable right now, since he is strongly pro-fighting and physicality in hockey. I wonder how heated it would get between he and Bob over some of the recent issues.
    (I assume he can’t do it now since he hosts the Friday Night junior hockey show.)

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    To be honest I never understood how John Shannon got made into a on air personality in the first place. From the stories that his former colleauge at the CBC Ron MacLean said in his recent book Shannon is a bonafide loose cannon. Anyone think that at some point Shannon and McCown will have a legit falling out ala Doug MacLean/Bob McCown 2009??? or is that wishful thinking??? I like Michael Grange and Sid Seixiero on the roundtable but I agree Jeff Marek should become a semi regular as well and Humble and Fred as well…. Dave Perkins, John Shannon, and David Shoalts=dead air……

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    Shannon was in fine (i.e. even more unlistenable than usual) form last night.

    The issue with Grange isn’t that he rambles, its that the pauses as he gathers his thoughts result in an unacceptable amount of dead air. Someone flipping around the channels hearing this is going to continue flipping. Grange is definitely one of the more thoughtful guys on PTS for sure, but if you can’t articulate, its moot.

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    The only time I can remember two on air Fan hosts fighting like Mike and the Mad Dog there, was way back in the mid 90s when Derringer and Marsden were first paired together.

    They acknowledged later on (when they seemed to become great friends) that they hated working with each other the first 6 months or so. I remember hearing Derringer flip at Marsden because Marsden said he believed homosexuality was ‘deviant behaviour’. Derringer said something like ‘I’d rather be working with Bob Saget right now’.

    I was just a kid at the time, but it was pretty entertaining!

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    Derrick 7 years ago

    Am I the only one bothered when the talking heads wear pin stripe suits on T.V.?

    Zaun wore one last night during the Tor/K.C. game and two of the members of the hockey panel on TSN wore pin stripe suits on Sportscentre this morning and I found it really annoying, especially on HD.

    I know, I know, I’m being petty.

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    Another Steve 7 years ago

    I realize that I am being a real stickler on this, but when did the word “compete” become an adjective? Tonight on the CBC I heard one of the hockey talking-heads there refer to someone’s “compete level.” In the past year or so I’ve been hearing that expression more and more often, and I’m still waiting for someone to ask whether they mean “competitive” level.

    Yes, I know that language is a changeable thing, but I just wanted to vent a bit. Sorry.

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    Roger 7 years ago


    I totally agree – Derringer and Marsden were great together. One minute they were loving each other, the next they were at each other’s throats. Their personalities were similar and were fun to listen to.

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    I’ve been listening to Friday’s roundtable podcast quite a bit this weekend (I use PTS as the background noise to my life, it makes it easier for me to get stuff down) and Shannon screaming “IT’S YANKEE STADIUM!” during the Fenway Park/Yankee Stadium segment is so annoying. >_< And it hurts my ears.

    The thing that gets me about Shannon is that he gets just as pushy & interrupty & yell about topics that aren't as important as ones that are (like the NHL/headshots stuff), and even if you're just talking about your personal opinions about stadia, he still has to yell.

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    augh typos!

    *get stuff done