Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

photo courtesy National Post (Peter J. Thompson)

by Rob Gregg

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with guest host Jeff Blair. John Shannon co-hosts from 5pm:

400 – Phones
520 – Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet
540 – Scott Mitchell, President, Hamilton Ti-Cats
600 – John Ferrell, Jays manager
620 – Wayne Parrish, CEO, Canada Basketball

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, Cybulski & Co., with James Cybuski. Jame’s co-host is Bob Mackowycz:

Down with Webster, band, In Studio
Bob McKenzie
Garrett Webster, son of late Mike Webster, sued NFL and won. His research company has asked the Seau family for the brain
Bruce Arthur
Darren Drerger
Richard Griffin

On TSN (5pm) & TSN2 (6:30pm), Off the Record with Michael Landsberg:

Steve Nash, New GM of Canada Basketball
Rick Tocchet, Former NHL Coach
Down with Webster, Canadian band

Tonight on Sportsline:

As Steve Nash joins Canada Basketball has the door opened for the Raptors to acquire the free agent? After suffering such a crushing loss will the Capitals have any emotion left in game 6 versus the Rangers? Is the NHL blowing smoke about the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes and we reflect on the death of Canadian race car driver Gilles Villeneuve. Join Hebsy & Bubba, tonight at 7 on CHCH

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mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
May 8, 2012 5:07 pm
May 8, 2012 8:37 pm

Did any of our 24 hours sports stations find any time to remember Gilles Villeneuve today?

May 8, 2012 9:17 pm

I just about lost my mind listening to Blair and Shannon @ 5:00. they are idiots. Comparing Basketball Canada to Hockey Canada, they seem to be indicating that Nash is going to run the whole operation (like Nicholson on the hockey side).

No, ya dummies, he’s just the GM of one team, the men’s team (like Gretzky or Yzerman). And they are saying “Oh is Nash going to have the time to do it, to do the spade work, or is he just the face, it’s not a part time job? Gretzky and Yzerman made all the decisions when they were GM”. No they didn’t, they had a whole management team; maybe they made the final decision.

But you know, Hockey Canada is the gold standard for all things Olympics, with total dominance, 4 straight gold medals since the NHL came on board. Oh wait….

I had to turn them away. I can usually put up with it. I even gave it a second chance, but I just got more infuriated the more they talked about it

I hope that Wayne Parrish straightened them out. I had to turn it off just before he came on. I had to go watch my kid play basketball.

May 9, 2012 12:05 am

I am a fan of Jeff Blair – but John Shannon is just one idiot they have as a “so called expert” on the FAN.

May 9, 2012 7:09 am

@Darrell, I’m a big fan of Jeff Blair as weLl, but yesterday… Maybe it was just Shannon driving the bus, but JB was going along. I wanted to yell at my radio, but the train full of people would not have agreed with that.

May 9, 2012 10:46 am

The Blue Jays lost in the 9’th with a walkoff grand slam homerun at around 1 AM this morning Toronto time. I thought for sure this morning that Norm Rumack would talk to fans about the collapse of the bullpen but instead Rumack was talking in his lead into his show, about the Leafs and who they would like to see run the Leafs in their fantasy world? Huh!?!? I know the Leafs are always a hot topic but as “home of the Blue Jays” and when the Leafs are golfing, shouldn’t you focus on the baseball team instead of fantasy?

Rumack appeared defensive when I suggested (on Twitter) that he perhaps should’ve spent some time this morning talking with Blue Jay fans.

itchy butt
itchy butt
May 9, 2012 12:48 pm

God who the hell wants to even think about the Leafs right now? Sure the Jays are blowing it, but there’s nothing to talk about as far as the Leafs are concerned.

I’d like Idi Amin to run the Leafs so he can eat all those useless bastards.

May 9, 2012 12:51 pm

Rumack was tying the Leafs management situation to the news of Steve Nash running Team Canada basketball.

The Blue Jays are sucking big time these days with Francisco Cordero closing – but to end the game the way they did and to start the show with talking about the Leafs!? Huh? When tweeting Rumack – he tells me that he had to watch the other games and couldn’t watch the Jays game. Fake it then Rumack – I am not even a Jays fan (I am a Yankee fan) but the fans deserved to be calling in and blast Blue Jays management.

Ami Angelwings
May 10, 2012 6:41 am

I agree with everybody above who thinks Rumack should have been talking about the story that would be on the mind of most Toronto sports fans that night. Shouldn’t the point of replacing syndicated content (ESPN radio) with original local programming (Rumack) be to make the show topical?

May 10, 2012 4:06 pm

Talking about the Leafs – I don’t fault him on (as it is Toronto sports) and Ami you are right, the point of going to 24-7 Toronto sports and dropping ESPN Radio was so that Toronto could talk about the local sports scene.

The Blue Jays came off a big collapse of the bullpen and there is actual promise with a Toronto sports team in this city. Instead Rumack talks fantasy about who Leaf fans would want to manage the team. When called out on not talking the Blue Jays – he says that there were “too many other sports to watch”. Fantasy sports is at a top priority vs. the Blue Jays? Thanks for clarifying that, Norm!

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