Maple Leafs Killed The Media?


I know what you’ve are thinking.

Here’s another Maple Leaf loving blogger who thinks the world revolves around the blue and white hockey losers.

Hear me out though, before you decide.

Since the buds exited the hockey world, is it just me or has the sports coverage in Toronto completely fallen off?

I’ve been listening to sports radio (podcasts). I’ve been reading papers.

Maybe it’s just me, but the compelling stories have all disappeared. Where’s the intrigue?

The Blue Jays are in full season mode. I am not seeing or hearing compelling content on the Jays at all.

Honestly, forget the blogosphere where is the compelling content?

NHL playoffs. The games have been good. USA numbers are up. Coverage in Canada? Yawn. Torts is an ass….yadda yadda yadda.

Did anyone else notice the stark difference between the Toronto Sports Media coverage of Hunter’s decision to leave the Capital and the scribes in DC? The Toronto media painted this as doom and gloom for the Caps. The DC scribes, the guys who actually spent the time around the team? Not only to be expected, but not a huge loss either.

With all due respect to those who cover the NBA. I am not seeing it there either. Haven’t read or heard anything I don’t get anywhere else.

What is it?

Has the media mailed it in as the Leafs are out of the picture? Is sports just that boring these days? Is it just me?


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