Colin Cowherd Rips NHL Writers- Is He Right?


The last time we talked about Colin Cowherd he was ripping Canada and the olympics. I don’t listen to the guy at all anymore. In my humble opinion he fails in comparison to other national hosts and just isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer either of the Tonys, Kornheiser or Bruno or Dan Patrick. In any event, Cowherd changed his target this time to those who cover hockey, thanks to the fine folks over at awful announcing for this:

“You’re getting a lot of young, cheap people covering hockey and it’s not like newspapers send their best people to hockey.”

“Fox News doesn’t send Bill O’Reilly to a speed bump proposal in his hometown… hockey doesn’t get the cream of the crop in our business.”

“The guy covering the Florida Panthers, he was at a floral show early in the week.”

Now Cowherd is referring to those who cover the game south of the border I am sure. So let’s leave the find scribes in Canada out of this.

Guys like Cowherd tend to think of themselves as shockjocks. They say things like this to get a reaction. The question is why bother. I can’t imagine too many people who listen to his show are hockey fans. Why would hockey fans waste their time tuning in? General sports fans, or those dedicated to those sports which Cowherd spends a lot of time on would wonder why the hell he was talking about hockey at all, let alone those who cover the sport. If the sport is so insignificant not to talk about it, then why spend time covering those who cover it? Seems odd doesn’t it.

Perhaps the answer is that he just plain ran out of things to talk about. Think that could be it?

Or is it just that he mocks that which he doesn’t understand.

It’s a funny thing when a media member attacks his fellow media members for no real reason. One has to wonder what exactly his motivations are.


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