CBC Blowing It With Female Hockey Commentary


It really is hard for me to believe that the CBC is a taxpayer based entity. They are consistently so f’d up, it’s hard to believe that Canadians stand for it. Granted, it’s so f’d up, who else would allow it but the government?

Not sure if you’ve heard or not but taxpayer network is launching a an alternative audience for women to listen to hockey games.

““One afternoon while (our husbands) were both watching the same game on TV Jules and I were on the phone and we started just making comments to each other like, ‘Did you see that guy’s hair?’ and ’What’s going on with that coach wearing the suit four sizes too big for him?“’ said Sutherland of their web show’s inspiration.

“And we kind of thought, ‘Wow, this is funny, wouldn’t it be great if we could tune into an alternative version of the commentary from a female perspective?’ And that was kind of where we got the idea.”

If the CBC wanted to do something for women in sports or more specifically in hockey, here’s an idea, why not offer up full support of a women’s league! What a shitty thing for the network to do.

If I were a woman I’d be insulted.

I don’t really want to pull out the easy, for the all the advances that woman have made in sport or journalism arguments, but how can you resist? Forget woman watching sports or playing sports, what about those covering sports? Even in Toronto there are several women who do a good job covering the teams and leagues. How much harder do you think this is going to make their job? The next time they go interview a player or a coach, I can only imagine what the question back will be irrespective of the fact that they aren’t the ones doing Sex and the City meets HNIC.

What a really stupid idea.


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