The Twitter Effect On Sports


Did you happen to catch Darren Rovell on with McCown today?

The topic was the effect of social media on sports.

He made an interesting point. With social media, especially Twitter, fans can casually follow a sporting event through social media without actually watching it on TV.

The suggestion was that this is having a negative impact on viewership.

For some time I have been telling you that that HD tv has killed the live sporting event, without giving much thought about how Twitter and social media has turned us away from sporting events. Yes, the die hards follow their sports, their events or their teams. However the casual fan can keep in touch or tune in when or how they want based on what they are hearing or seeing on Twitter or other social media platforms.

On the upside, a casual or non fan may tune in to see that rare event. For example, I may have no interest in a certain baseball game that is on, however if I hear that a pitcher has a no hitter or something worth watching I may tune in. A non watcher becomes a watcher because of something they saw or heard on social media.

The flip side is that a fan no longer feels that they have to watch an entire game because they can follow on social media and tune in when they want. Audience in this case is lost.

Personally, I think that social media enhances the watching experience.

Curious, how you all think about it.

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