Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

By Rob Gregg

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown:

400 – 500 – Gregg Zaun, Sportsnet
500 – 700 – The Friday Roundtable with Stephen Brunt, Damien Cox, & John Shannon

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, Cybulski & Co., with James Cybulski.


On TSN (5pm) & TSN2 (6:30pm), Off the Record with Michael Landsberg:

Jamie McLennan, NHL on TSN
Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow, Actors
Jamaal Magloire, Toronto Raptors center

Tonight on Sportsline:



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    On last night’s Jays Talk, was the guy who called himself a “baseball god” and kept saying “Gino Gonzalez” and “PJ Wilson” and didn’t know Mark Buehrle is left handed for real? I can’t believe somebody would be that stupid while being so confident in his baseball knowledge. I wondered if he was trolling Mike Wilner… but he also sounded kinda sincere. Maybe he was drunk. >_>

    Does anybody ever suspect that some of the really stupid callers are just trolling Mike?

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    Someone on jays talk tonight referenced that call.

    If the 5 minutes i heard tonight are representative, i dont blame wilner for having no patience.

    One guy was just rude and kept saying, “can i finish my point” over and over. And a woman asked why they did not use morrow in relief, since he only.pitched one inning last night.

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    Mike S 7 years ago

    Is it true that McCown recently turned 60 years old?…………..if so, it’s amazing how time flies……………..he has his faults and he drives me crazy sometimes but I have been a regular listener for 25 years………………….and I am not alone so he must be doing something right to have lasted this long and still get great ratings

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    The baseball part of the roundtable was painful. Between Brunt thinking that JP and Kelly Johnson should be traded and Lawrie moved to second, and Bob thinking Gomes is a starter, and Damien Cox believing you can’t move JP because he’s the leader of the team, and Shannon being Shannon… I wanted Wilner to run in and start yelling at people. xD

    I love Brunt, but I think he’s being really reactionary right now with the Blue Jays and he’s still coming off the “the Jays never did anything big and they should have” off season.

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    @Alex the answer to that person is “because it’s not Game 7 of the World Series”

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    itchy butt 7 years ago

    @Alex…..yes this why I side with Wilner almost 100% of the time. The callers are on glue.

    I am not sure about that “Baseball God”. He was either drunk or downright stupid. Not sure about trolling. And when Wilner said “I’ve never spoken to a deity before” , I don’t think he had a clue as to what that meant.

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    Another Steve 7 years ago

    I just listened to the “baseball deity” segment from Friday night. It was hilarious, but I also imagined that McCown would have sided with the caller, each of them throwing out false information to one another. That would have been equally amusing.

    For more levels of personal amusement, I look forward the shows tomorrow, and PTS in particular, for two reasons:

    1. Ryder Hesjedal just won the Giro D’Italia this morning (Sunday) and I always find it amusing to hear hockey/football/baseball guys talk about other sports. I wonder how many seconds it will take them to bring up Lance Armstrong or, if Shannon is there, to relate his victory back to hockey.

    2. The French Open starts today. I hope PTS gets Tom Tebbett in to talk about it, lest Bob start to talk about the Bjorn Borg era, which was the last time he actually followed the sport.

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    Here’s ‘The baseball god’:

    Yeah, you know, I’ve listened to PTS for years, and it’s my favourite radio show. When they discuss big picture Jays stuff (TV ratings, general interest rising, general interest dropping, broad topics) it can be great.

    But for the last few years, any nuts and bolts discussions about the Jays have been frankly worthless. McCown’s a big fan which I appreciate, but he uses really outdated analysis, and really misses the point on some things. Most of the hockey guys’ (particularly Shannon’s) comments on baseball are complete garbage.

    To be fair to PTS though, they’re not alone. The only shows on radio that actually give good analysis of the Jays are Jays talk and the Jeff Blair Show. I’ve heard the Scott Ferguson segment on the Brian Hayes show once or twice and that seemed alright..

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    Bob seems to be facing the idea of his own mortality lately, and he’s admitted to such. That he’s in a rush to see another championship in Toronto (especially in baseball) and he’s worried that the Jays are blowing a window of opportunity and he’s never going to see another championship in his lifetime. I think what he’s concerned about is that if the Jays are just waiting for a perfect storm every year and they aren’t going to spend the money (& both he and Brunt seem to becoming more and more skeptical that they will… Grange pretty much thinks they won’t) to try to force the issue, then that perfect storm may not happen for another 20 years and he might be dead, and because of that his analysis lately is skewed because he wants to win now. :\

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    Kamlesh 7 years ago

    Why is a vampire worried about mortality?

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    I’m hoping that Arthur will finally be back on TSN tomorrow, esp if its a cox week on pts.

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    Somebody remembers I think Bob is a vampire! 😀

    I just assume nobody really cares what I think so I go in and out of kafaybe xD

    Though, I have mentioned in a previous comment that Bob goes into hibernation to regenerate every so often & then adopts a new human identity, so it isn’t suspicious that he never dies…

    He’ll become young Bob again & start a new life xD W/ me >_>