Real Shocker That Competition Is Gunning For HNIC Rights


Stunning news that Rogers and now Bell are interested in the rights to Saturday night hockey games currently held by the CBC. It’s by far the most valuable piece of sports real estate on the tv landscape and Bell and Rogers are the biggest players. With the taxpayers network floundering, both companies smell blood and in 2 short seasons the crown jewel becomes available.

2 years is a long time. So who knows what the Taxpayers network will be able to pull out of a hat, but having read the excellent piece about the last round of negotiations between Bettman and the CBC in Macleans it will be no easy walk in the park for the taxpayers network. Bettman, will be pressured to get the most bang for the buck and that simply won’t happen with the CBC.

This seems to be rather elementary. The right go to the highest bidder with the widest coverage. Rogers and Bell trump the CBC. Whomever writes the biggest cheque wins. The question is will the league be back playing before the end of the current contract.


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