Steve Simmons Nails It On Burke Story


My first post live from an airplane!

Thanks to the Wright brothers, Alaska Airlines and Gogo inflight wifi I am writing this from 30,000 ft live on the internet.

Steve Simmons nailed the Burke story tonight, it’s a must read.

Here are the highlights:

“This much we know, even though it isn’t our business. Burke is apparently having marital problems. That doesn’t in any way make him unique. Half my neighbourhood is having marital issues of one kind or another. It also isn’t our business what’s happening in his home. It only becomes our business if it affects how he performs on the job.”

The delicate balance between a personal life of a public person. Truth is, in this case it is none of our business, Simmons is right.

“So what has happened here? The worst of the modern world of journalism and the blogosphere is at play here. A story gets whispered about and talked about so often that it becomes truth simply by being spread regularly — and in this case by people who should know better. From word of mouth it makes its way to Twitter or a blog or somewhere where the principles of journalism are not exhibited. The regular rules of attribution and sourcing don’t exist in non-traditional media outlets such as blogs.”

I told you we would here this…

“The number of those who have heard the stories and believe Burke will be pushed out is many. And when a relatively conservative TSN became the first mainstream media outlet to address the issue Tuesday night, it seemed the appropriate time to bring context to some of the misinformation that is out there.”

Bob Mckenzie addressed the issue tonight…..

“My initial inclination was to let this pass, but the more I’ve been asked about it by prominent hockey people, the more there seemed a need to bring some calm to rumours that have no validity.”


Ok- have to run we are landing….


Simmons column is here

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