A New Sports Radio Network?


Interesting story came across my desk yesterday:

“NBC unit and Dial Global Inc. (DIAL) (DIAL) are creating the NBC Sports Radio Network to broadcast national and regional programming, challenging Walt Disney Co. (DIS) (DIS)’s ESPN Radio.

The radio network, starting in September, will air hourly sports-news updates, daily features and full-length shows, New York-based NBC and Dial Global said today in a statement.”

Of course this won’t have a any impact out of the gate, however it does provide an alternative to ESPN coverage to any station that is looking for syndicated radio to fill some dead time.

Stateside it hasn’t received a whole lot of attention but thats not really surprising given the time of year etc.

It will be interesting to see which NBC personalities take part and what exactly their role will be. Bob Costas radio could be interesting to listen to don’t you think?

Given the NHL partnership, I wonder how much coverage, if any the league will get.

Looking for a good article on the Blue Jays cutting ties with Vladimir Guerrero?

Richard Griffin did a good job in today’s star:

“Vlad should have been grateful for that opportunity. Agent was. Player wasn’t.

Guerrero clearly did not see things the same way as his agent. A lot of us in life think we’re still as good as we once were. We don’t like to hear otherwise. After doing everything the Jays had asked — going to extended spring and playing games against teenagers, playing at Class-A Dunedin in front of 600 fans nightly, then moving up to Triple-A believing he had found his rhythm against pitchers the next level down from the majors — Guerrero decided to gamble and go all-in. The Jays called his bluff.”

You can read Griffin here

Finally a question for you….

I keep hearing that video is the next big thing. I admit, I like the odd youtube video that people email me or post on facebook. However, the minute I see a story from a “news” site, I install bolt. I have no interest in watching news videos. I want to read the story. No offence to the TSN guys, or sportsnet guys, but I’d much rather read it then watch it online. Am i the only one?


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