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Well, what can I say. The move was a major pain in the ass. Worst part was being couped up in a small apartment with the family for the better part of 5 months.

Now, we are in a house and they are headed back east for the summer.

Normal returns and you can expect things to return here too.

I apologize for the shittyness of the site over the last little while, running little more than the odd story here and there except lineups. Much had to do with little to write about I thought. In reality it was more about my environment and just plain hating it.

That ends…..


Interesting column the other day on Yahoo! sports dealing with TV ratings in the NHL:

“The other thing to keep in mind is that hockey is a sport that only hockey fans care about, and more to the point, most “hockey” fans are largely just fans of their own team.

I would never expect a Stars fan, just as a for-instance, to care about what the Devils and Kings are getting up to in this Cup Final, especially as everyone in the media, who they might be following on Twitter, has complained (unduly) about how it’s flat-out bad hockey. Only the real die-hards watch every game regardless of who’s playing.

The issue with endlessly discussing ratings is that really, it doesn’t matter at all how many people watch.”

I guess the argument is that people watch other sports because they bet on them, not because they care about them. Everyone watches the Superbowl because it’s an event. The Stanley Cup is not, apparently an event south of the border.

I think it’s pretty simple to conclude that the NHL just will not be a ratings winner in the USA, perhaps ever.

Perhaps I am alone on this one, but I think a big problem the NHL has in the USA is not enough markets have kids playing the game. If the NHL were to invest in youth hockey in a big way, build rinks, teach kids, donate equipment, to the point that kids everywhere were playing, the same way they do the other sports then maybe kids would want to watch the games with their parents.

Yes, tons of people play hockey in border cities. Hockey in Detroit, NY, and similar markets is big, perhaps bigger than Toronto even. Here in Seattle it’s pretty big too. Surprisingly so. However in Florida, Texas, Phoenix, California etc (and yes, i know people do play there, just not in droves) the same simply can’t be said.

Why do TV ratings matter?

Well, for one, the NHL continues to be a gate revenue sport. It’s the only major sport that is so. Teams rely heavily on fans showing up in order to generate revenue. As long as there are American teams and an American commissioner there is going to be significant pressure on the league to generate TV revenue dollars. The numbers are decent at best. That’s why it matters.

You can read the Yahoo! story here

I love this quote from the latest Damien Cox story:

““Typical of Hockey Night,” said Burke. “I have never discussed this trade or any trade involving Luke Schenn to Edmonton.”

So, Elliotte Friedman mentioned in his terrifically entertaining weekly blog that there are rumors around the Luke Schenn could be more valuable away from Toronto. The fact that anyone was talking Maple Leafs and hockey in June, given how far they are from the top should be a good thing.

You can read Cox’s story here

My thought on the Kings winning the cup, it’s really nice to have a winner that hockey fans can have their team aspire to. The Kings, in my mind anyways are a team I’d love for the leafs to emulate. Can’t say that about too many winners. I like the make up and I like the way they play the game. Which member will stand Obama up at the White House, that’s the question.


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mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
June 12, 2012 3:24 am

welcome back TSM. hopefully now that the playoffs are over you can get Cox to answer our questions.

i find discussion of NHL ratings as annoying as i find discussions of Jays attendance. Both organizations turning a profit and are doing well in other aspects of the business. There is no impending doom. It’s not something for anyone to care about other than those whose job involves caring about such things. Leave the rest of us alone.

the Kings and Devils just aren’t that exciting a draw. I’m sure the NBA finals ratings would be bad if Atlanta was facing Sacramento.

it’s a lazy media driven non-story. i’m much more interested in the issues each side will view as fundamental in the upcoming CBA negotiations.

June 12, 2012 9:55 am

I read an article from one of the major US based publication over the weekend – can’t remember which one – that tried to justify that the NHL needed to enact flex scheduling for the NHL Finals so they could play what was Game 5 on Friday and not Saturday, meaning that they wouldn’t compete with the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Aside from the fact that every Canadian would lose their shit if the game was played on a Friday and not a Saturday night, I agree that the idea of the Finals being an event is non-existent. Unless you lived around LA or NJ last night, how many bars were showing the game compared to MLB coverage, ESPN Sportscentre and Euro replays?

There was an article a few weeks ago justifying what TSM said about Buffalo being a hockey market. I read over on Alan Pergament blog – which is more like William Houston’s Truth and Rumors than Bruce Dowbiggin’s Usual Suspects – that WGRZ had the largest share of viewers in all of the US watching the playoffs. But not sure about Detroit. I know they are hockey town but I went to 6 or 7 games this season and there wasn’t much buzz or turnout. Heck, I got tickets for Game 4 in the first round at the Joe for $30 all-in (tax, service fees, etc). It may be the model franchise, but its losing some steam.


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