Chance For TSN Radio To Make A Splash


There are opportunities in life where you simply have to take a chance. A rare window opens and you have an opportunity that takes some guts to pull off and if you don’t, you will always wonder what if.

That is where I think the execs at TSN are or will be in about 2 weeks.

They’ve launched a radio station in Toronto, as part of a larger network of stations in attempt to take on the evil Rogers empire.

They’ve done okay in year one. The ratings numbers aren’t where they would want them to be, however things are improving and when the NHL comes back in the fall (or winter) they will have 50% of the Maple Leafs games on their radio station.

However, on or about July 1, they have a rare opportunity to snag to members of the competition and what a coupe it would be if they could land either or both.

Doug MacLean and Nick Kypreos are about to be free agents, as Rogers has yet to tie either of them up beyond this NHL season that just ended.

Mr. Millard, for those asking is out of runway as it relates to his radio contract, but is still tied up for tv.

Can you imagine if TSN showed some guts and hired Kypreos and Maclean to host an all new lunch time or gulp, prime time, nation wide hockey show????

Talk about delivering an audience!

Yes, both guys do TV too.

Yes, TSN has a stable of TV guys already, but none have really translated into the same type of role on radio.

Why invest in radio if you aren’t trying to win?

What better way to win then to grab the talent from the top rated show in it’s given time slot?

Figure out the TV side of it later.

It’s only money right? The mother company just spent a boat load on a sports franchise, don’t you want to try to own the radio side of things too?

I know this article will do wonders to the ego’s of these two guys. That’s not the point. The truth is they are compelling to listen to on the radio. It’s an interesting, fun hour for both the die hard and the casual fan. It’s different.

If I am a suit at TSN, I roll the dice. I go for the jugular and I open the wallet.

You want to show the sports world you are serious about sports radio, here’s your shot.

Fascinating article I read today about the Miami Heat and why the rest of the world should be rooting for them in the NBA finals.

Strip away the drama and the Heat are called “evil” because their star players exercised free agency and—agree or disagree with their decision—took control of their own careers. The Thunder are praised for doing it the “right way,” but no franchise is more caked in original sin than the team from Oklahoma City. Their owners, Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon, with an assist from NBA Commissioner David Stern, stole their team with the naked audacity of Frank and Jesse James from the people of Seattle.

Take a read, let me know what you think.


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