Poaching Talent; Is There An Unwritten Rule?


I received several emails from readers and MSMers alike after my post suggesting that TSN should take a run at Nick Kypreos and or Doug Maclean. Perhaps the most intriguing was from a member of the media who asked me whether I thought it possible that there was an unwritten rule between Rogers and TSN to not poach talent from the other.

I have thought about this since that night and I am starting to wonder if perhaps there is something there.

I am sure one of you will come back and inform me of a scribe who changed teams from Rogers to TSN, but I am pretty hard pressed to think of one who has done so since Darren Dreger flew back in 2006.

It does seem odd given the competition between the two companies doesn’t it?

I know there have been fierce battles over talent at other companies, but I honestly don’t recall a member of the media changing teams since Dreger.

Do you think it’s possible that there is an agreement to not poach talent?


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