Coverage Of Maple Leafs Future Enough To Make You Sick


If you read or listen enough to the experts talking about both the upcoming draft and or free agency, Maple Leaf fans may as well leave on that summer vacation right now. No reason to even pay attention. The sky isn’t falling. The sky already fell.

Depending on the outlet of your choice, this is a weak draft with no visible help available to Burke, there are no free agents that are either going to help the Leafs or who would be interested in coming to Toronto. there are no players either worth trading for or any who the Leafs who can “afford”.

Anyone else looking for gasoline and a match?

What is usually a time of hope and optimism around Toronto has turned into full grown gloom and doom.

Seriously, if you listen to some of the so called experts, we Leaf fans should really hope for another cancelled season. It would be better than living through what appears to be ahead of us.

The saving grace for Maple Leaf fans? Well, in years past Brian Burke has shown his hand or at least his intentions very early on, exciting or even unrealistically setting fans expectations only to disappoint by being unable to deliver. For the most part Burke has been very quiet. We aren’t hearing the bravado we have heard before. It’s very quiet in Maple Leafs land and lets take that as a good thing. Unlike previous regimes in Toronto where everyone knew what the Leafs were doing, under Burke things happen when they are least expected.

The NHL power brokers are in Las Vegas, leading up to the draft weekend in Pittsburgh. With all the talking heads and all the brains in the same location over the next couple of days, things could certainly heat up. Rumours are certainly swirling. Some talking heads predicted that this week leading up to the draft would be the busiest in terms of trades ever. So far, not so much. Tomorrow is Wednesday, so let’s see what transpires the rest of the week. More importantly, let’s try to be positive for the next little while. The question I have for you is this, one week from now, will Leaf fans be happier or more depressed then they are now?

For those who were kind enough to comment on my last post, let me clarify my point. I know that a ton of media members move from one outlet to another. I know that both Rogers and TSN grab talent from other outlets. The question is do they steal from each other. With the exception of Darren Dreger, I can’t think of a person going from rogers to tsn or vice versa.


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