Nice To See Experts Take A Stand


The one nice thing about being at work when the NHL draft begins is that I won’t have to listen to Pierre Mcguire as the picks are made.

Other than that it will be twitter coverage for me, as I rely on those I follow to provide updates.

Has anyone else noticed that so many of the so called experts are going bold and taking stances on what teams should do, that is who they should pick.

It’s a nice change.

On so many occasions those we follow critisize the picks or moves our teams make, but only after the fact. I am not talking about mock drafts, which to me are as useless as the non ink they are written on. I’m speaking about the so called experts coming out and saying this team should or shouldn’t pick this player.

We all know the draft is a total crap shoot. It’s so easy to sit back after the fact and say so and so GM blew it. I have much more respect for those in the media who call the shots, opening themselves to the same type of criticism.

I am not sure how interesting draft day will be. Personally, I don’t know the players so I have to listen to the experts.

It is a made for twitter event in my eyes and you will find me there.

Not sure if you noticed but apparently regular PTS guest Darren Rovell is on the move. Rumors are around that he is leaving the NBC/CNBC family for either ESPN or ABC. Stay tuned.

Not sure if you follow the morning news shows south of the border at all, I’m talking CBS, ABC and NBC, relax they are all available in Toronto. Anyways, NBC’s Today show has been a huge winner for years. Until recently when ABC has been starting to kick some but. Rumor is that Ann Curry is going to get replaced on Today, taking the fall. Mrs. TSM watches the show religiously and I have to say what a farce that is. The reason ABC is winning is due to the fact the show is much improved and Today is totally stale. A shame that Ann Curry is going to take the blame.

There, now you can yell at me for talking non sports media.


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