The Blue Jays Had No Plan; Twas The Night Before The NHL Draft


“When I look back at the unwinding of my tenure (as Jays’ GM from ‘95 to ‘01), we had no plan.”

Gord Ash, on his tenure as Toronto Blue Jays GM.

Fascinating piece by Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star.

Question I have for you is this, what things are going on with our current teams that we have no clue about?

Back in the Ash days, perhaps people said something like “it’s as if the team has no plan” but who knew that was actually the case?

What kind of crap is happening today that perhaps we hear about or think, but dismiss when in reality it true?

Speaking of crap…..

It’s NHL trade deadline day,NHL draft day. The entire hockey world is gathered in Pittsburgh for the annual event where 99.9% of what is said and reported is either total crap or conjecture (sounds like trade deadline day doesn’t it?). The reality is that a good amount of the talking heads have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to the draft, they’ve seen some of the kids, and yes they are all kids a few times with no real idea how they are ever going to perform in the NHL (if they ever get there).

You will hear all kinds of crap (especially if you are tuned into Pierre Mcguire) about how certain teams have blown it but not picking player X or totally blew it by picking player Y.

And that, is before we start talking about trade rumours!

Mike Ulmer on the Toronto Maple Leafs website yesterday wrote a column suggesting that the Leafs have to trade their 1st round pick. Today he wrote an eloquent piece on who they HAVE to pick with that same pick.

Piece of advice, unless one of the ultra reliable talking heads says its gonna happen, it isn’t.

Honestly, trades get broken by the big boys….

For those keeping track, still not a single meaningful transaction in this week leading up to the draft. You know the one that was going to be fill of trades…

For those thinking it’s going to pick up?

““It’s pretty slow,” Toronto Maple Leafs senior vice-president Dave Nonis said. “Usually, there’s a little bit more pace to it right now.””

Look for tons of deals tomorrow. They go something like this:

“we have a trade” Crowd roars ” The ______ trade their _th round pick to _____ for a _th round pick and a 201_ round pick” Crowd sighs…..

I hope I am wrong.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this movie before.

Congrats to the Miami Heat on ending the NBA season. The most perfect NBA season I can remember. It was the perfect length with the perfect number of days off in between games. Should make a habit out of that.


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