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I know I am in the minority when I say the governmental regulations in Canada as they pertain to media ownership are a joke, but so be it.

Today, TSN Radio 990 was pretty much shuttered due to the laws around ownership and language in Canada. From the press release:

“Bell’s acquisition of Astral Media, announced in March 2012, and the CRTC’s Commercial Radio Policy that outlines certain limitations surrounding the ownership of multiple radio stations in a given market.”

So what was TSN radio 990 – home of the Habs, an english language station now becomes RDS radio, a french station.

“With a continued focus on local sports, RDS Radio 990 is an extension of RDS’s powerful brand as the #1 French-language specialty channel in Canada. As the country’s 24-hour all-sports Francophone radio station, RDS Radio 990 will have comprehensive coverage of the Montreal sports scene, along with best-in-class analysis from RDS sports experts and Insiders.

English-language broadcasts of the Montreal Canadiens will move to Astral’s CJAD 800, pending CRTC approval. The Montreal Canadiens broadcast is a great fit for CJAD 800, whose impressive stable of programming also includes the exclusive English radio broadcast of the Montreal Alouettes and the Montreal Impact games”

How exactly this plays out is not entirely certain.

I would imagine that key talent could be available for the taking or re-shuffling to other properties, but time will tell.

I would hope that this news was shared with Montreal radio personality Ted Bird, who joined Team 990 on May 18.

Remember the name Mitch Melnick? He was rumored to be a potential target for a Toronto based sports station. He is good. Really good. How would he do in Toronto? Would he move? Does he have to???

While TSN may blame the ownership situation, it’s true but it’s also convenient. One could imagine that if the station was wildly successful they would have made alternate arrangements. But I digress.

What’s clear to me is that TSN needs to decide if they are truly in the radio business for keeps or if it’s just a promo for tv.

On two occasions recently TSN “talent” has been on the radio and “refused” to discuss timely matters on the air due to the fact that the topic was going to be covered on TV later that night.

If TSN is really in the radio business, that can’t happen.

The Fan doesn’t put Kypreos on with Brady and Lang to talk hockey only to have him promote hockey central either at noon or that night.

Two different times that happened on TSN radio, two different times that I can recall where “insiders” alluded to the fact that they couldn’t discuss an issue due to the fact that they had TV features that night.

As long as that happens it’s hard for fans to take TSN radio for anything other than TV promo. It’s too bad because there are good people with good shows on the network. Either you are all in, or stop pretending.

I will post the June radio #’s shortly, but here is what I can tell you in short. Mccown continues to dominate. I mean BIG time. The Blue Jays are having a killer effect on TSN radio, wiping them off the charts, almost completely. People may not go to games, but they are tuning in BIG.

Happy Hump Day.


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