Toronto Sports Media Weekend Discussion- Leafs Play by Play


Sorry for no post last weekend.

Here we go.

So, as you know Teachers sold their share of MLSE to a yet to be named entity controlled by two media powerhouses, Bell and Rogers.

Eventually, a new NHL CBA will be hashed out and Leaf games are going to be the subject of radio dialogue. Unofficialy, I’ve told you that the Leaf games will be split between TSN Radio 1050 and the Fan 590. How that’s going to work has yet to formalized I am told.

As you know TSN has my namesake Jonas and the Fan has David Alter. In addition to Joe Bowen there are lots of other characters who could play some sort of role on Leafs radio. Are Jonas and Alter going to both go on road trips? Are they both going to fly on the Leafs plane?

My question to you, is if you were in charge, you have at least 81 games plus exhibition, I won’t even mention the dreaded P word…you get the picture, what would you do? Who’s is your Leafs radio dream team? Do you have 2 teams? If so who are they? If it’s just one, who made the cut?

Happy weekend!


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