Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

by Rob Gregg

Here’s your drive home lineups

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with :

Sid Seixeiro, Co-Host Of Tim And Sid
Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun
Open Segment with Bob McCown
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports
Tom Tebbutt, Co-Host Of Aces
Open Segment with Bob McCown & Damien Cox
Dick Pound, Former Head of WADA & Former Canadian Olympian
Stephen Brunt, Co-Host of Prime Time Sports
Guy Adams, The Independent

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, Cybulski & Co., with James Cybulski. Bob Mackowycz co-hosts:

On TSN (5pm) & TSN2 (6:30pm), Off the Record with Michael Landsberg:

Mayor Rob Ford
Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA
Rod Smith, LIVE from London
Perdita Felicien, Olympics Correspondent
John Pollock, Preview of UFC on FOX

Tonight on Sportsline:

Did the American mens basketball team run up the score in their 156-73 pounding on Nigeria? After committing to the Rogers Cup, Roger Federer has pulled out—will other Top 10 players follow and why? Will the Blue Jays make a play for Phillies lefty Cliff Lee and we look at the competition to be the Buffalo Bills starting running back.

Join Hebsy & Bubbs, tonight at 7 on CHCH

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August 4, 2012 6:59 pm

*pokes everybody*

So what did people think of the Friday roundtable? It was very shouty. Cox and Bob were on opposite sides of every debate, and therefore it’s shouty. Cox seems to be doing his usual thing of taking the opposite side of whatever people say, just to do it and be the “smart one that gets it”. >_>

The baseball discussions on roundtables seem to be really degenerating lately. People here have complained about the last few ones, and this one seemed to be another mess of people not really knowing what’s going on and saying things. Bob, especially, seemed like he didn’t want to be dissuaded by logic or facts. Like, when it came to Boston having 8 outfielders injured. Yes, it means at least 5 of them were probably minor leaguers, but SOMEBODY has to play the outfield, so if your fill-ins are being injured, it means even WORSE players have to play. To dismiss those injuries as “they weren’t going to play anyways!” is kind of absurd. The more people who get injured, the deeper you reach into your system to get people to replace them, not only does it sap your system, it means the talent you put in gets worse and less experienced with each injury. So it DOES matter that 8 outfielders got injured.

August 5, 2012 12:07 am

re: Friday roundtable

I think they’re a bunch of cunts for recycling the same hockey and baseball stories instead of just putting in 2 full hours of Olympics talk.

August 5, 2012 4:09 am
Reply to  Ami_Angelwings

I guess there must only be room for 1 bald guy, since it seemed like Damien and Tim were constantly at odds. It was also weird for both 590 and 1050 to have Matthew Schneider on Friday, in the middle of all the Olympics chat. And why have Neil Smith on as a guest? No thanks.

Mike S
Mike S
August 5, 2012 4:18 pm
Reply to  Ami_Angelwings

When Travis Snider got traded this week it brought back memories of McCown when he said a couple of years ago that Snider and Lind would combine for 65 to 70 home runs per year…………………..he might have been a little bit off with that prediction

August 8, 2012 3:43 am
Reply to  bobby

Isn’t the stereotype of women that we’d care more about Olympics talk than hockey or baseball stories? It would make them “cunts” if they ignored hockey and baseball. xD

August 8, 2012 3:44 am
Reply to  Alex

Cox was taking a lot of contrary positions just to do it, even when it turned out he had no idea what he was talking about. Neil Smith was an odd choice for a guest. Does he just hang around Toronto hoping Bob will put him on?

August 8, 2012 3:46 am
Reply to  Mike S

I remember that! I think he actually said 65 to 80, and had predicted both to be 40 home run guys. Bob didn’t say very much about Snider after he got traded. I wonder if his opinion changed or not. I know that even towards the end, Bob thought he needed to be up to see what they have in him.

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