Olympics To Blame For TuneIn Radio Fan 590 Problem


So, I am sure many of you like me, especially those of you abroad are wondering what the [email protected]#@!#[email protected] happened with the Fan 590 link on TuneIn Radio. I am told that the reason the link has gone down is that the Fan had to pull it from the App during the Olympics as the Fan has the ability to join the Olympics at any time.

So fear not sports fans, the Fan will be back on TuneIn radio as soon as the games wrap up!

For those who use mobile apps, TuneIn Radio kicks but. It allows you to listen to radio (am/Fm) no matter where you are for most but not all north american radio stations.

Update- if you are in the GTA it will work perfectly for you- it only effects those of us outside the city.


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