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Interesting read today on Damien Cox’s blog in which he basically says that the Olympics are a welcome break from whining Maple Leafs fans.

“The other good side to the Olympics in this neck of the woods is that we haven’t had to listen, at least not to the same extent, to the usual whining and moaning about the Maple Leafs and what they have and haven’t done.”

I think Damien’s point is well made. However, and I say this a lot, at least people care enough to bitch. When the team hasn’t made the playoffs in as long as it’s been we’ve earned the right to not be patient and even more so, by virtue of the fact that despite a horrific track record we still care we are allowed to be less than impressed with the moves made so far. WE’ve been told to expect more.

As Burke himself says repeatedly, it’s a result oriented business.

What’s interesting to me are the comments to the story.

I am intrigued by the motivation of those who comment on MSM media sites.

When a reader reads a good blog, the host or author can and does usually respond to comments. A dialogue may ensue. It’s unlikely to occur on a MSM website like the Toronto Star. There is no dialogue with Damien. So what possesses the reader to post? Doing so takes time and I would like to think that we value our time. I guess readers could hope to generate a discussion amongst other readers, however on most MSM sites what usually ensues is a moronic personal attack. “No you are an idiot….”

“Really. Who cares about that. Leaf fans care about this team more and are interested in improving this team than watching the games. Boring really and Canada for the size of the country always sucks in metal count anyways” says one of the comments on Damien’s post.

The tease to the story at the time the post was written was Maple Leaf centric. Why, pres tel would you even click on the story if your attitude is who cares? I mean if you clicked on the story, you must, to a certain degree care right?

Not to pick on anyone, but I have no interest in CFL football. Despite trying to have an interest, I don’t. I value my time too much to click on a CFL story, then enter a comment that says who cares, it’s the CFL.

I mean really.

99% of the comments here are topical and well thought out.

I don’t get why people post comments like the one above. I mean why bother.

It’s like the idiots who used to text or tweet in to TV shows that had tickers on the bottom of the screen just to see their names of #’s on the screen.

I guess it’s like those who hold on the phone for countless amounts of time on a radio show only to get on the air, finally and then say something so completely inane.

Do the same people come back repeatedly and hit refresh in hopes of fame?

I thank you for not doing it here and I admit, I just don’t get it.

Damien’s blog post is here

Long overdue but I have radio ratings coming up shortly.


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