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EDIT: Look, I am not saying that Blair did ANYTHING wrong. No where in this story do I accuse him of anything. I think the summer heatwave has gotten to some people’s brains. The idea was to generate a discussion, a debate. If you don’t like the topic, no problem, don’t partake.
If you read this site, his joke, good, bad or otherwise got lots of attention. All I am asking is whether you think media outlets should do anything about it. I personally didn’t think he crossed the line, I am merely asking the question.

What is acceptable behaviour on the part of members of the media and what’s not? What can they say on air, what can’t they. The old US supreme court justice once said of the word obscene, I can’t define it, but I know what it is when I see it, or something along those lines.

We live in a digital world where what one says or does is instantly available and open to interpretation and critique around the globe.

Fareed Zakaria was just suspended from CNN and Time magazine for allegedly plagiarizing.
Mitch Album got in hot water for writing about a game he didn’t attend.
I’ve written countless articles about Bill Watters making inaproprite comments while on the air during one of his shows.
Andrew Krystal and Dave Perkins are other examples of have certainly brushed right up against the appropriate line if not crossing it more recently.

So now, Jeff Blair too joins the list.

Several of you, regular contributors of this site have pointed out that Blair said he was able to find a late night/early morning eatery in London, a familiar curry place, and then joked that in eating in an establishment that’s open until 4am, he may have accidentally joined Al Qaeda.

So, I don’t think Blair’s the type who would mean this to be insulting. However he did say it. He has to be smart enough to know that in saying so he’s opened himself up to at the very least a discussion about the comments let alone his intentions. One would hope he would say something along the lines of it being an unfunny attempt at humor and that’s it no big deal.

I poked around the Al Gore’s internet and haven’t seen anything about it elsewhere. So let’s not blow it out of proportion either.

My question for you this weekend is this, should comments like this come with any type of repercussions? Do you think “jokes” like this go so far that the folks at the Fan or Globe would or should take some sort of action? Is there a clear mind in your mind where someone has to cross before receiving some sort of discipline? Mike Wilner missed a few days for perhaps comments he made on the air that weren’t “offensive” to perhaps anyone other than the then manager of the Blue Jays. Does this cross the same type of line? OR, do you really not care? It’s sports radio, anything goes, move along.

Food for thought.


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