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Sorry for the delay, but your must read article of the day is from yesterday’s Boston Globe, the goodbye (sort of) article by long time columnist Bob Ryan.

It’s a fantastic read for those who love, the game.

I first encountered Ryan when he used to be on the Sunday Sports Reporters with Dick Schapp (god, there’s a guy who’s work I really miss).

Ryan is a loud mouthed, opinionated, old school sports writer. You watch and read his work and you just know that he believes that which comes from his mouth. I also genuinely believe that at the heart of his career is a sports fan through and through.

The Globe ran a video tribute to him yesterday in it, he says, in Bob Ryan fashion, something like I don’t believe anyone else out there does a better job at game day stories than I do. Classic Ryan.

There is something to be said in this era of what have you done for me lately for a guy who worked in sports, where there is little loyalty, for one organization. There’s lots of competition out there and I have to believe Ryan had offers. He stayed where he started and finished there too.

However, the end of his article is where he says it best:

“I occasionally come across some things I wrote years ago, and I say to myself, “I did that?” And I know in my heart I really couldn’t match that effort today. That’s all a writer needs to know.

My goal is to gain personal life flexibility and to eliminate obligation. I still have the Globe part-time gig and I still have a bit more TV shelf life, how much I really don’t know. I want to do what I want to do and not do what I don’t want to do. And my wife of 43 years, the former Elaine Murray, is the perfect companion with whom to do or not do whatever it is we’re going to do or not do.”

Love it.

I’ve decided to adopt the “Ryan Goal” :”To gain personal life flexibility and to eliminate obligation.”

We should all be so lucky

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