Prime Time Sports Review for August 13, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener Phone Calls with Bob McCown

  • Calls are about Toronto getting an Olympics, majority of callers are against it
  • Bob is against public funding of Olympics and of Olympic athletes

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting with Damien Cox (Primetime Sports co-host, Toronto Star hockey and tennis reporter)

First Segment: Interview with Joe Carter (former Toronto Blue Jay first baseman)

  • Bob and Damien talk about The Newsroom, rip TV critics
  • Segue into the Olympic closing ceremonies
  • Interview with Carter begins, talk about the Rajai Davis catch with him
  • Interview ends, and Bob and Damien talk about the summer Olympics and how hard it is to comprehend the Olympic viewing schedule

Second Segment: Interview with Bob Elliot (Toronto Sun baseball reporter)

  • Damien congratulates Elliot for getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame (by winning the Spink Award)
  • Bob, Damien and Elliot discuss the Jays needing to rebuild their starting rotation

Third Segment: Interview with Ian Leggett (former PGA tour player)

  • Discussion about Rory McIlroy and his win at the PGA Championship
  • Damien notes that Rory doesn’t have the “name” that others on the tour do, Bob and Leggett discuss what makes some players more known than others and that success has nothing to do with it


6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting with Damien Cox (Primetime Sports co-host, Toronto Star hockey and tennis reporter)

First Segment: Interview with Fred Gaudelli (Producer of NBC Sunday Night Football)

  • Discussion about the closing ceremonies
  • Bob and Gaudelli argue about the quality of NBC’s Olympic coverage, Gaudelli points out that more people watched the NBC coverage than criticized on twitter
  • Brief discussion about the upcoming NFL season and NBC’s coverage

Second Segment: Interview with Don Banks (Sports Illustrated football reporter)

  • Discussion about Chad Johnson headbutting his wife, Banks believes he has ruined what’s left of his career, his marriage, and a future career in television
  • Cox asks Banks about Plaxico Burress signing with the New England Patriots, Banks thinks they won’t actually sign him, but that he still can have a red zone role with a team
  • Bob and Banks discuss Andrew Luck, Bob wonders if the Colts defeating the Rams speaks to how bad St. Louis is
  • Cox asks about the replacement refs, Banks comments on the many mistakes they’ve made

Third Segment: Interview with Bruce McNall (former owner of the Los Angeles Kings)

  • Bob asks McNall if Gretzky being traded to Los Angeles resulted in the sunbelt expansion, McNall believes it did
  • McNall thinks that in hindsight, the sunbelt expansion was actually a bad idea, and that you can’t sell hockey in the American south
  • Bob asks McNall about Phoenix, McNall believes Bettman believes the Coyotes can still work in some part of Phoenix, also says that Bettman’s ego prevents him from wanting to give up


The one caller who said that he’s so glad Bob is finally speaking out against the Olympics made me laugh because that’s been Bob’s stance forever.  For the record, I agree with him, so I enjoyed listening to him rant again about how the government should not be funding Olympians or the Olympics.  I also liked that Bob admitted he can’t reconcile his criticism for the corruption of the IOC and being at Vancouver last year and lunching with Jacques Rogge.  We all consume media that is extremely problematic, and from extremely problematic sources, and I like that Bob acknowledges he does that without trying to justify or excuse the behavior of the IOC.

I enjoyed the final hour a lot more than the second one.  Bob and Damien spent almost the entire 5pm hour talking about what they watched on television, and the interviews with Joe Carter and Bob Elliot were incredibly short and devoid of content.  In their defense, I’m not sure what there was to talk about with Carter, and the Blue Jays have stopped being a story for a while with all the injuries.

The Leggett interview was good for what it was (final segment of the 5pm hour, which is always short) and I liked Bob and Leggett discussing why some players are more famous than others.

The Gaudelli interview could have been so much better if Bob had countered Guadelli more with arguments Bob has made about the NBC coverage in the past.  Bob did state that it should be better, but then basically let Gaudelli say everything was fine, and that the Twitter people didn’t know what they were talking about.  Bob didn’t ask many tough questions, and Gaudelli was able to paint a very rosy picture of NBC’s Olympic coverage.  Also, Gaudelli’s logic is a bit flawed.  He argued that if people on Twitter didn’t like it, why did they watch the evening coverage?  But the answer is obvious: because it was the only Olympic coverage they got on their TV (many probably don’t have the specialty channels.)  Damien will never pass up an opportunity to rip Twitter.

I loved the Banks and McNall interviews, they were very interesting and Banks is always great when talking about the NFL.  I don’t understand why does Damien always have to make strange interjections, though.  He asked how Banks knows that Johnson headbutted his wife, earlier he interjected that Bob wasn’t sorry about having to let Leggett go.  It seems like whenever Bob says something that should be pretty straightfoward, Cox has to act as if Bob said the world was flat.  It interrupts the flow of the interview, wastes time, and ends up making Cox look like he dislikes Bob.

Given that McNall was the mastermind behind the sunbelt expansion, it was really interesting to hear him say that it was probably a bad idea.  It’s probably easier for him to hold that opinion now because he’s no longer part of the NHL, and he’s not the one holding the bag.  I also like that he was bold enough to say that Bettman’s ego is keeping him from folding or moving the Coyotes.

Overall, I felt the second hour and the Gaudelli interview could have been a lot stronger and on topic.

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