Toronto sports media Friday morning drive lineups

On tsn radio with Mike Richards:

7:00 Chris Schultz
7:30 Scott Cullen
8:00 Bob Weeks
8:15 Jeremy Taggart
8:30 Steve Simmons

On fan 590 with Greg Brady and Jim Lang:

740 Gerry Dobson
820 Jon Morosi
840 Bill Bergey
848 Andre Knott

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mike in boston
mike in boston
August 17, 2012 8:58 am

my pal Bruce Dowbiggin has a puff piece on Paul Kelly filing legal actions on behalf of Penn State’s board of trustees and the Paterno family. It’s filled with nice quotes about due process, and not punishing the innocent, and how the only evil person is Sandusky. It’s about as unbalanced an article as you’ll read.

For example, here’s a Kelly quote followed by a Bruce authored line.

“This is a sanction that penalizes people innocent of any involvement with Jerry Sandusky’s evil actions.” Kelly knows that, in the hostile media climate, such distinctions can get trampled.

Kelly is a smart guy and I liked him as head of the NHLPA, but trying to paint Paterno (and family) as among the “innocent people” being penalized is unconscionable. Dowbiggin is a tool for supporting that quote while providing no counter-perspective … you know like the fact that Paterno blocked attempts to report Sandusky to the police.

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