Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, August 16, 2012


By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener calls taken by Bob McCown

  • Calls are about arm injuries in baseball, callers speculate on reasons why there are more arm injuries
  • Bob believes pitchers pitching more breaking balls are the reason that there are more arm injuries


5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox (Prime Time Sports co-host, Toronto Star Tennis and Hockey reporter) co-hosting

First Segment: Talk segment about various subjects

  • Bob and Damien discuss the CBA talks, Bob says he’s heard that owners are turning on Bettman, Damien thinks that’s not true
  • Bob and Damien discuss last night’s Blue Jays game, Damien believes Farrell should have left Ricky Romero in the game

Second Segment: Interview with Matt Stairs

  • Bob asks Stairs about the mutiny against Bobby Valentine in Boston, Stairs believes that the players shouldn’t remain anonymous
  • Stairs believes players should do their job and play as hard as they can regardless of the manager
  • Stairs believes that providing a good atmosphere in the locker room makes a good manager in the American League
  • Bob asks if Bobby Valentine can return next year, Stairs believes that unless they have a sudden turnaround, he can’t return next year
  • Cox asks if Valentine’s comments on the Boston media pressure are valid, Stairs thinks they aren’t
  • Bob asks if the Red Sox may want to bring Terry Francona back, Stairs says they won’t, suggests that the Sox may want to get Blue Jays’ manager, John Farrell

Third Segment: Interview with Alan Ashby

  • Cox asks Ashby about Farrell taking Ricky Romero out of the game, Ashby says that pitchers need to earn their chances to stay in games like that and Romero hasn’t earned it this year
  • Bob asks who the starting catcher is for the Jays next year, Ashby says Arencibia is, admits he doesn’t know where D’Arnaud fits


6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox (Prime Time Sports co-host, Toronto Star Tennis and Hockey reporter) co-hosting

First Segment: Interview with Jeremy Roenick, former NHL player

  • Roenick shares his memories of the last lockout, and how it derailed his career
  • Roenick thinks the owners are trying to bully the players, and the NHL revenues are so high they shouldn’t be so stingy
  • Roenick agrees with Bob that the players should have a say in league business and where teams are placed because of how much money certain teams are losing and how that effects how much players make under the CBA
  • Roenick and Cox believe that going through the last lockout makes the players more realistic about their expectations on a deal
  • Post-Interview, Cox and Bob discuss how the players have more to lose than the owners, and that owners are no longer afraid to lose a season because they know fans will be back

Second Segment: Interview with Donovan Bailey, Canadian Olympic gold medalist, former men’s 100m dash World Record Holder

  • Bailey believes that national racing domination goes in cycles and this happens to be Jamaica’s time, also believes that coaches are coming back to Jamaica from having experience in the US and teaching their knowledge
  • Bob brings up his theory that great athletes can be great at whatever sport they’re streamed into, and that in Jamaica, they’re being streamed into track
  • Bailey talks about how the high school track championships in Jamaica are a big deal
  • Bailey hopes that one day it will be Canada’s time at the top of sprinting again, he says he has a lot of hope for some of the young sprinters
  • Bailey says he encourages Canadian sprinters to go to warm weather places to train, so they can work at sprinting all year and compete in a lot of competitions

Third Segment: Talk segment about sprinting in Canada

  • Bob apologizes for not having enough time to have Dr. Kevin Wilk on to talk about pitchers recovering from Tommy John surgery
  • Bob and Cox share their hopes that Canada will once again be dominant in sprinting



I don’t really have many thoughts on this show.  I liked listening to Donovan Bailey, Jeremy Roenick and Matt Stairs because all three were talking about a subject they were intimately familiar with.  However, I didn’t think much new information was gleaned, but they did tell some good stories and they provided an insider’s look into their subject.  The first talk segment meandered a lot and Damien and Bob didn’t focus on any subject.

I noticed that Ashby really didn’t want to give an opinion about Ricky Romero being pulled, he was asked about it twice by Cox, and both times he tried his hardest to avoid giving an answer until relenting a little at the very end.

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