Dan Patrick, Still The One


Got a good chance to catch up with an old friend this morning. Back in the day, when I was left alone at work, to do, work, I had my xm radio box on my desk and listened to the Dan Patrick radio show religiously. Patrick and the Duke were like old buddies from college.

Well, this morning on the drive in I got to listen in to Patrick again, and like the old song, he is still the one.

In my humble opinion, and many of you will disagree, he is the gold standard of sports radio. I love the open forum style his show has become, Patrick and boys talking sports is how me and mine would chat if we ever had the time. He is able to take a topic that really has little interest to make it interesting. His interviews are exactly what they should be in sports radio. A little serious, a lot of fun and lighthearted. He asks the questions you the listener want answered and he is well versed in the subjects he talks about. Most importantly, he appears to love what he is doing.

So, there you have it radio fans. When you aren’t in need of your constant Toronto focused radio fix, expand your horizons. TSN Radio should make Patrick a permanent fixture, live not on delay. He’s good enough to provide a much needed non Leaf/hockey balance to a market that’s over saturated. More importantly, he is consistently good radio. I can’t say that too often about other shows.


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August 21, 2012 11:42 am

My biggest nitpick about patrick’s old show is that he was one of the espn who would pass info off as speculation or predictions.

To wit, predicting who would win an award announced at 1400 when the info was already known but embargoed.

Loved the patrick/dibble era. Refused to listen when salisbury was co-host. Similar to pts and cox.

August 21, 2012 12:58 pm

Replacing Dan Patrick with Scott MacArthur was a strange move. TSN Radio has done a lot of things I don’t totally get.

Mike S
Mike S
August 21, 2012 1:46 pm

In the last week and a bit Patrick has had some heavy hitter guests………….Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Mike Kryzewski, Peter King, Tom Brokaw, etc…………..it has been good radio……………..with the NFL season approaching I hope 1050 keeps Patrick in the mid-morning timeslot for the next few months but I suspect they will probably go back to Scott MacArthur so that he can talk about all of the hockey that is not being played

Mike S
Mike S
August 21, 2012 1:47 pm
Reply to  Daniel

Hey……………my friend Daniel is back………….I thought he might be boycotting the new TSM comment section but I guess not

Brian Gerstein
August 21, 2012 3:57 pm

Totally agree with your assessment of the DP show. I only lose interest when College Football is covered, as I don’t follow it, but a small critique, and that is only related to the actual content.

Mike C.
Mike C.
August 21, 2012 6:36 pm

Totally agree. I was off on vacation last week and made it a point to tune in to The Dan Patrick Show on TSN Radio 1050 from 9-12PM. He had Bob Costas, Tom Brokaw, Peyton Manning and so many more… Great guests and awesome banter with the Dannettes (sp?). If he was a permanent fixture like before on TSN Radio 1050 it would be a great option for sports fans. In lieu of the lockout it would be a great upgrade since he talks about others sports and does a great job doing NFL!
Also is anyone else going to tune into the debut of “Inside The Lines” with Arnie Spanier on TSN Radio 1050 this Sunday 10am-1230pm???? It used to be on Sportsnet 590 The Fan remember?

August 21, 2012 10:35 pm

The Dan Patrick Show is not only the best sports program on radio, it may be the best program of any kind on the radio. It’s such a listenable radio show and TSN needs to bring it back on live.

August 22, 2012 11:22 am
Reply to  66pugs99

Id put the old kornheiser show (ending when tk left 980 in dc in mid 2000s) as best sports talk radio show of the internet era (95-). Smart, funny, taking on his bosses, more than just sports, no callera ruining.show

August 22, 2012 12:13 pm
Reply to  Mike S


Haven’t been listening much lately.

For one – there’s nothing you can really say about the Jays right now. They’re playing terribly – but they’re fielding basically their AAA lineup and using backup backup starting pitchers. So it’s neither fun to watch, nor really worth getting worked up about. Kinda boring for sports radio.

August 22, 2012 11:27 pm

I don’t and haven’t really listened to the Dan Patrick Show on TSN. Whenever I have tuned to TSN 1050 and the show is on, it always seems to be college football oriented and that loses me.

Anyone remember “The Fabulous Sports Babe” show that was on the FAN 590 about 15 years ago? This Dan Patrick Show reminds me so much of that mess that ESPN covered and the FAN had on the airwaves.

mike in boston
mike in boston
August 23, 2012 4:13 pm
Reply to  Darrell

oh man … that show was very strange indeed. who would have thought that a show called the fabulous sports babe being hosted by a woman who was morbidly obese would ever make it to air.

i was too young at the time so i don’t remember much, but i recall someone calling from Toronto and asking what she thought about the Leafs signing Derek King, and she said “who cares!” and hung up on him. like most US shows there was too much college sports for my tastes, and she was always very brash … sort of like a female Jim Rome. Her Wiki claims she’s back on the air soon.

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