Dan Patrick, Still The One


Got a good chance to catch up with an old friend this morning. Back in the day, when I was left alone at work, to do, work, I had my xm radio box on my desk and listened to the Dan Patrick radio show religiously. Patrick and the Duke were like old buddies from college.

Well, this morning on the drive in I got to listen in to Patrick again, and like the old song, he is still the one.

In my humble opinion, and many of you will disagree, he is the gold standard of sports radio. I love the open forum style his show has become, Patrick and boys talking sports is how me and mine would chat if we ever had the time. He is able to take a topic that really has little interest to make it interesting. His interviews are exactly what they should be in sports radio. A little serious, a lot of fun and lighthearted. He asks the questions you the listener want answered and he is well versed in the subjects he talks about. Most importantly, he appears to love what he is doing.

So, there you have it radio fans. When you aren’t in need of your constant Toronto focused radio fix, expand your horizons. TSN Radio should make Patrick a permanent fixture, live not on delay. He’s good enough to provide a much needed non Leaf/hockey balance to a market that’s over saturated. More importantly, he is consistently good radio. I can’t say that too often about other shows.


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